Antarctica Travel Insurance: Insurance Requirements, Policies, Logistics & Expeditions in Antarctica

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Do you know about Antarctica? have you ever travelled to Antarctica? well if you have the opportunity to travel to Antarctica then i will advise you to accept this offer and make a trip to Antarctica but it will be nice to to get an Antarctica travel insurance so as to keep you safe and secure as you travel to the country (Antarctica). Antarctica travel insurance can help cover trip cancellation, curtailment, or interruption as the case may be.

Antarctica Travel Insurance

Essence of this Travel Insurance Plan

Antarctica is one of the most expensive countries to visit. Most travelers visiting Antarctica also select the option to insure their trip costs under the Trip Cancellation benefit.

This benefit can reimburse all of their prepaid and non-refundable trip payments if they need to cancel due to an illness or injury, weather or incident.

These plans can also cover expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, and delay, or other inconveniences.

It gives total coverage of what ever that may occur to or otherwise involving many risk (e.g. assistance if your luggage is lost).

Antarctica travel insurance can help cover certain things like; trip cancellation, curtailment, or interruption.

Many Antarctic travel insurance policies include medical coverage during travel. Therefore, these plans can also cover expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, and delay.

Medical Insurance in Antarctica

In most cases, trips to Antarctica require proof of out-of-country medical coverage. You can get a policy that will cover air-evacuation from Antarctica to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Your insurance plan must cover personal injury, medical expenses, evacuation expenses, and pre-existing medical conditions.

Antarctic medical evacuation policies usually cover the cost of any medical care needed during transportation (e.g. doctor, medical supplies, etc).

Several companies offer medical evacuation insurance for Antarctica. Evacuation from Antarctica can cost more than US$150,000 per person.

Tips and Steps to carry out this Medical Travel InsuranceAntarctic Medical Travel Insurance policies typically include:

  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation in remote areas, including Antarctica.
  • Evacuation travel insurance coverage of $150,000 per person (limits vary by cruise operator)
  • Insurance to cover flight cancellation & change of dates
  • Out-of-country medical treatment
  • Insurance for loss, damage, injury, and delay, or other inconvenience occurring to or otherwise involving a passenger.

What Should Travel Insurance for Antarctica contain

When you look for a travel insurance plan for Antarctica, you should look at whether it covers the following:

  • Medical evacuation.
  • Out-of-country medical care.
  • Trip disruption.
  • Baggage loss, theft, or damage.
  • Additional activities.

Antarctica Travel Insurance Requirements

The required amount of medical coverage can vary depending on a traveler’s itinerary and tour operator.

However, this can require a minimum of $100,000 in evacuation and medical coverage is often required.

The Emergency Medical benefit of travel insurance can reimburse travelers for the costs of medical treatment in the event of an illness.

In addition to that, these can include physician services, ambulance expenses, and other costs of treatment. If the treating physician determines the traveler should return home for better treatment, this benefit can also cover those costs.

The Medical Evacuation benefit can transport a traveler to the nearest adequate hospital in the event of a medical emergency.

When can I Purchase Travel Insurance for Antarctica

You should buy a travel insurance policy for Antarctica as soon as you book your trip. In this journey, many cruise lines will ask you to submit proof of adequate travel insurance weeks or even months in advance.

However, there is always a risk of delay or cancellation with trips to Antarctica, getting travel insurance in advance will make you eligible in those events.

Finally, the nature of the reimbursement and coverage depends on the specific plan you purchase.

Is Travel Insurance for Antarctica Expensive?

Yes, travel insurance for Antarctica tends to be more expensive compared to insurance for other parts of the world.

Where Can I Get Travel Insurance for Antarctica?

You can get travel insurance to cover Antarctica from international travel insurance companies. You can go to a local agency or purchase your plan entirely online.

There are many travel insurance comparison websites, which you can use to browse through different companies/plans and find one that’s most suited to you.

You will have to submit information regarding your trip, like the destination(s), duration of travel, time of travel, age, your nationality, and even the total cost of the trip. You will receive the estimated policy price based on this information.

Is It Safe to Travel to Antarctica?

Antarctica has many physical conditions like; harsh and temperamental weather conditions, as well as the fact that the trip is almost entirely on a boat, a trip to Antarctica does not come without risks.

Even though most cruises manage the passage without any incidents, here have been (relatively rare) cases where the passengers have had to be rescued from the ship after it hit an iceberg.

There are few factors to consider for this Antarctica travelling process, lets discuss it below…

Trip Cancellation, Interruption, Delays and Policy Excess

Travelling to Antarctica is a big investment and you should therefore get the right Antarctica travel insurance.

This will help to cover you for any unfortunate circumstances such as long delays or, god forbid, trip cancellation!

Antarctica’s notorious weather often dictates when a ship can depart. Although there is nothing anyone can do, delays are often long and can stop people from actually joining their intended cruise.

It’s therefore important to purchase an Antarctica travel insurance policy that covers you for ‘trip delays’, ‘trip interruptions’ and ‘trip cancellation’.

Trip Delays

The weather waits for no man and this is certainly true for Antarctica where the ships sail to the weathers clock.

Most Antarctica travel insurance policies will cover you up to US$500 for trip delays, however, if you can find higher, do, as trip delays in Antarctica are common.

Trip Cancellation

So this is how a trip cancellation works…

If your Antarctica still goes ahead but you have been forced to cancel it because you’re on a tight schedule, then US$500 is hardly going to cover it.

This is why trip cancellation is very important. A good Antarctica travel insurance policy will include Trip cancellation cover which can be bad weather.

Trip cancellation generally pays out within the range of US$2,500 for standard cover or US$10,000 for advanced cover.

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