Best Travel Insurance Companies: Reviews on Insurance Companies and Providers

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Getting a travel insurance helps you a lot as you embark on your journey, there are many benefits to gain as an insurance in a travel insurance company, therefore on that note, there are best travel insurance companies out there waiting for your application to take a full charge of your travel risk expenses. Travel insurance protects your investment for a trip in the event you have to cancel or cut your journey short for many reasons. The reasons includes weather, illness, government shutdowns, and many more. There are policies also provide benefits for lost luggage or medical services received when abroad.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

Things you gain having the following insurance policies covering you during your travels

  • Trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance
  • Rental car insurance
  • Baggage delay insurance
  • Trip delay reimbursement
  • Roadside dispatch
  • Lost luggage reimbursement
  • Travel and emergency assistance
  • Travel accident insurance

When Is the Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance?

You should buy your travel insurance as soon as you book a trip, or at least two weeks prior to your trip.

However, the coverage will begin on the date you intend to travel, but in the meantime, you will have coverage in case your trip is cancelled, delayed, etc.

Is Paying for Travel Insurance Worth It?

Travel insurance can cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s highly up to you to decide if it’s worth the cost. Even though it does not worth it on lower-cost trips and low-risk vacations. However, expensive international trips or large family vacations can make additional travel insurance to come out good.

Although before you get a travel insurance then you must try and check up the below recommendations….

Key Points to check for before going for a Travel Insurance (Best Travel Insurance Companies)

  • Check to see if you’re already covered through another policy:
    Lots of insurance policies (including home, auto, and life) and credit cards offer partial coverage for trip interruption or medical emergencies.
  • Read the fine print – especially regarding exclusions:
    Things like pre-existing conditions, pregnancy-related issues, job loss or travel in a country that has reported a high threat of terrorism may be excluded.
  • Remember that you can get your money back:
    Lots of travel insurance companies allow you to get your money back if you cancel the plan within ten days (before travel).
  • Don’t purchase travel insurance through airlines:
    Airlines aggressively push these cancellation insurance plans and pay commissions of 10 to 40 percent to the travel agents who sell them.

Things a Travel Insurance Policy should have

A travel insurance policy should offer you enough coverage for your basic needs during a trip:

  • Medical emergencies coverage
  • Trip disruption (cancellation, delay) coverage
  • Coverage for loss of personal belongings
  • Coverage for emergency evacuation or repatriation

You can then add to the policy through what is known as “add-ons”. This means that on top of the “basics” package, you can choose to pay more so you have coverage for things not normally included in a travel insurance policy.

Tips to know when you compare other Travel Insurance Policy

  • Pricing: Pricing is one of the most significant factors when comparing travel insurance policies. Look for a provider with low rates that doesn’t skimp on coverage.
  • Policy types: Depending on where you’re traveling and how long you’re staying, different policy types may work best for your situation.
  • Coverage limits: Travel insurance plans have coverage limits for trip cancellation, interruption, and medical expenses. Look for a plan whose coverage limit matches the amount you’ve spent on your travel plans.
  • Exclusions: Some travel insurance plans come with exclusions. If you’re worried about a particular event or accident, make sure it’s covered before you pay for a plan.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is also an important factor when purchasing a travel insurance plan. Look for a provider with high customer satisfaction ratings and a history of good customer service.

Best Insurance Travel Companies (Best Travel Insurance Companies)

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel is a subsidiary of Allianz, which traces its history back to 1890 in Germany. Travel policies are underwritten by insurers with AM Best ratings of A to A+ and are only available to legal U.S. residents.

You can choose from their Single Trip or Annual travel insurance plans, as well as their Rental Car insurance plans.

Allianz Travel offers four different annual plans with varying benefit levels. We particularly like their AllTrips Executive, which has the highest limits and coverage.

They offer $50,000 for emergency medical, and $250,000 for emergency transportation, per insured, per trip.


  • Annual- or single-trip plans available
  • Many policy types fit varying needs
  • Cover yourself and your household all year even if you’re not traveling together


  • Does not cover extended travel periods
  • Some annual plans have per-trip limits while others have annual limits
  • Not the highest limit around for emergency medical transportation coverage ($250,000).

World Nomads (Best Travel Insurance Companies)

World Nomads is a favorite among frequent travelers, backpackers, adventure seekers, or digital nomads.

Their plans cover medical emergencies, evacuation, emergency assistance, and even several adventure activities.

World Nomads is a good insurer for those looking for adventure. The Australia-based provider is a solid choice for worldwide travel with few excluded activities.

Here the Coverage includes terrorist attacks, assault, medical repatriation, equipment and baggage, and overseas medical and dental.

The high-end Explorer Plan covers activities including snow sports, water sports, aviation, motorsports, athletics, and high-adventure experiences.


  • Extensive coverage with high limits for medical and emergency evacuation
  • Protects your bags, computers, and sports equipment when traveling
  • Explorer plan covers adventure sports


  • Only single-trip plans available
  • Most pre-existing conditions are not covered
  • Not all policies cover adventure sports

HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Travel Insurance is a US-based company, offering travel health insurance, which includes hospital care, surgery, doctor’s office visits, medications etc. These plans however, are only available to US residents.

HTH Travel Insurance offers plans with high levels of medical coverage. HTH Travel Insurance offers up to $1 million in total coverage for medical.

Their Policies for travelers with existing primary insurance enjoy 100% coverage for typical hospital charges, including surgery, tests, office visits.


  • High levels of medical coverage for seniors up to 95 years old
  • Up to $1,500 allowance for someone to visit you in the hospital


  • Not the cheapest provider depending on your needs
  • Best plan for seniors requires existing health insurance
  • Lowest policy has a $50,000 maximum benefit per person.

Nationwide (Best Travel Insurance Companies)

Nationwide has been around since 1925 and offers most popular types of insurance including auto, home, and life. They also have an array of travel insurance coverage for individual trips, multi-trips, and cruises.

To protect your single trips, Nationwide offers trip cancelation of up to $10,000 in its Essentials Plan and $30,000 in its Prime Plan. Travelers may also get an annual travel insurance package for just $59 a year to cover delays, medical expenses, medical evacuation, lost luggage, and travel assistance.


  • Large insurer with a strong reputation
  • Three different cruise insurance plans to choose from
  • Coverage for common cruise issues like missed connections and itinerary changes


  • Some plans have low coverage levels for some incidents
  • Benefit limits are low for trip interruption for any reason
  • Pre-existing conditions may not be covered
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