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Boston University LLM Degrees: BU Law’s Graduate Programs are revered by employers round the world for intellectual rigor, superior instruction, real-world preparation, and skilled action. Graduate Programs students ar educated by one amongst America’s best legal teaching colleges, and supported by dedicated program employees.

Boston University LLM Degrees

LLM Masters Studies (Boston University LLM Degrees)

The biennial LLM is Associate in Nursing intensive LLM program designed to equip formidable international students and lawyers with the educational, legal, and language skills necessary to reach U.S. law school.

Through experiencing Associate in Nursing pioneer mix of legal English, US legal culture and apply, and substantive belief work, you’ll graduate with a high competence in each the letter of the law and its application.

We have had nice ends up in giving students the legal tools necessary to reach the US Law, Banking and money Law, property Law, and Taxation LLM programs. whether or not your set up is to require the big apple bar or to search out employment once graduation, for college kids United Nations agency wish to require their legal and English skills to successive level, the biennial LLM could also be the proper program for you.

Three Blessings of the Biennial LLM:

  1. Intensive development of legal writing, case analysis, and support skills within the initial year permits students to with confidence meet the educational challenges of their LLM work in the second year;
  2. Having a further year to review legal English provides students the chance to form substantial enhancements in their English that aren’t attainable in one year programs; and
  3. Spending 2 years in Beantown and at BU Law permits students and any of their members of the family the chance to essentially become a Beantown native and to totally appreciate the made history that Beantown needs to supply. you’ll even have the foremost opportunities to go to court proceedings, attend talks by special guest lecturers, and participate within the several social events sponsored by the graduate school.

Top LLM and Master’s Degree Programs

Choose from LLM (Master of Laws) and master’s degree programs, all extremely revered and three—Banking & money Law, the Tax LLM Program, and property Law—ranking within the nation’s prime 10. For an outline of all of our Programs, transfer the BU Law Graduate Programs pamphlet here. we have a tendency to ar assured you’ll realize that we have a tendency to ar one amongst the US’s best universities for law studies at the graduate level.

LLM in US Law Program (Boston University LLM Degrees)

This one amongst the nation’s premier programs for world practitioners seeking to be told however United States of America lawyers assume, approach legal programs, and handle shopper matters.

You’ll be integrated into the JD schoolroom, and have the chance to pick out from 200+ courses once making your personalized study set up.

Due to its flexibility, this can be the best program for the aspiring company professional (also called business professional or industrial professional, betting on your country of origin).

Graduate Program in Banking & money Law

This equips you with the data and skills required to handle the regulative, transactional and compliance wants of economic services purchasers in today’s world economy.

Since conferring our initial LLM in Banking and money degree in 1984, our program remains the sole money services LLM program within the country with its own school and a program designed solely for graduate study. We’re stratified #2 within the nation by the National Law Journal. you’ll be able to pursue this degree on-line or in-person.

LLM in Property Law Program (Boston University LLM Degrees)

This gives you the chance to be told advanced information processing theory and philosophy from a number of the highest information processing students within the world. For 5 consecutive years, U.S. News & World Report has stratified BU Law among the highest 10 faculties for property studies.

Graduate program

It equips you with the sensible skills needed for achievement within the field of taxation, whether or not you earn the degree through full or part-time residential studies in Beantown, as a part-time LLM on-line from home, or through a mixture.

An LLM in Taxation degree from BU Law is valued by employers everywhere the world: We’re one amongst the highest ten LLM Programs for United States of America law in 2019 by LLM Guide, and #2 in the National Law Journal.

For six straight years, we’ve been stratified among the country’s prime seven LLM in taxation programs within the annual TaxTalent survey of company tax department heads.

Master within the Study of law

This designed to produce foundational law coaching to aspiring and current accountants, auditors, and alternative business professionals.

It is the primary chance for those while not a degree to earn a master’s degree taking courses offered by the celebrated Graduate program.

Preparing Foreign Lawyers for world apply (Boston University LLM Degrees)

The LLM in US Law Program curriculum is specifically designed to arrange foreign lawyers for the challenge of world apply. during this program, students are totally integrated into BU Law’s JD categories, wherever they sit side-by-side with US students being trained within the tradition folks legal education.

This means you’ll not solely learn the substance folks philosophy in just about any space of interest—intellectual property law, international business law, mergers and acquisitions, various dispute resolution, to call solely a few—but you’ll learn one thing equally as important: however United States of America lawyers ar trained to investigate legal queries and advocate on their clients’ behalf. you’re additionally secure post-graduation sensible expertise through the American Law post Program.

By the top of the year, we have a tendency to expect you’ll have developed skills to form you a simpler world practician. you’ll have gained distinctive insight into the “mindset” folks lawyers et al. trained within the common law.

LSAC’s LLM credentials Assembly Service (LSAC LLM CAS)

LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) consists of: the Electronic Application Service, the Document Assembly Service and the International Transcript Authentication and analysis Service. 

These alter the applying method by centralizing the submission of application materials. By utilizing the LLM CAS, candidates would like solely send one set of documents to LSAC, United Nations agency can assemble and distribute reports to any or all the collaborating law faculties to that you want to use. Your credentials Assembly Service account are active for 5 years.

We need that applicants use the Document Assembly Service ($50 USD), which collects academic records, letters of advice, and English proficiency communicating score(s) and distribute them to the law faculties of your alternative.

There is additionally a needed Report Fee ($30 USD) that goes together with the Document Assembly Service.

Note that the Electronic Application Fee ($35), that permits you to complete and transmit your admission applications on-line, is break away the BU Law LLM Programs Application Fee ($85).

The International Transcript Authentication and analysis Service ($135) is nonobligatory however powerfully counseled for candidates educated outside of the u. s., because it permits applicants’ official tutorial documents to be sent once to LSAC for analysis, authentication and transmission to the collaborating law faculties of your alternative.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Boston University prohibits discrimination against a person on the premise of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental incapacity, sexual orientation, marital, parental, or veteran standing.

This policy extends to any or all rights, privileges, programs and activities, together with admissions, money help, employment, housing, athletics and academic programs. Beantown University acknowledges that nondiscrimination doesn’t make sure that civil right may be a reality.

The University so can still take social action to market civil right for all students, candidates and staff.

Admissions Necessities (Boston University LLM Degrees)

  • First Degree in Law: biennial LLM candidates should have a primary degree in law. However, candidates to solely the Legal English Certificate Program don’t would like a degree.
  • English Proficiency: Please note that if you are doing not meet the below declared scores you’re still inspired to use, as we have a tendency to assess applications supported a range of things additionally to English proficiency scores.
    – TOEFL: a score of eighty five or higher on the iTOEFL (compared to a hundred PRN for a 1 year LLM program); 550 or higher on the paper-based TOEFL.
    – IELTS: a combined score of five.5 or higher.
  • For a full list of admissions necessities, please visit official web site ( page)

Application standing

Applications for Fall 2022 entry are open. For entry within the fall semester, we start reviewing applications and creating selections on a rolling basis in late fall and continued throughout the spring.

Generally, throughout this point frame you will expect to receive a call among 3-4 weeks of being notified by BU Law that your application is complete. must you have circumstances that need you to receive Associate in Nursing fast admissions call, please allow us to understand.

Scholarship info (Boston University LLM Degrees)

LLM students Program

Through its LLM students Program, BU Law awards support to a get variety of LLM candidates United Nations agency have incontestible notable tutorial and skilled achievements.

There is no separate application method for scholarship awards; all candidates admitted to Associate in Nursing LLM program receive full thought, with no extra work needed. (At this point, students admitted to the net possibility of our Graduate Tax or Banking & money Law Programs aren’t eligible for the LLM students Program.)

Additional Scholarships

  • LLM Leadership Program
  • Frederic C. Corneel Scholarship
  • Kikuchi students
  • Master within the Study of law Scholar
  • Compliance Innovators Program

Scholarship Awards for Current Students (Boston University LLM Degrees)

  • Legal English Certificate Program advantage Award
  • Part-Time advantage Award
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