France Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance for Visitors & Tourists in France


France is one of the most popular travel destinations, there are plenty of reasons you may want a France travel insurance. Many travelers to France carry individual health insurance, which may cover some medical expenses depending on the details of the specific policy. However, there are a variety of scenarios that are not usually covered by standard health policies.  Purchasing specific travel insurance for France will provide additional protection for common travel issues and give travelers peace of mind.

France Travel Insurance

If you are about to set off for France either for pleasure or business and have started to organize your stay, you must apply for a French Schengen Visa.

Travel insurance covers you during the entire length of your stay and is mandatory if you need a Schengen Visa to enter France.

You need travel insurance for your French visa and it will also allow you to travel to other Schengen countries during your trip.

The travel insurance certificate you provide to authorities must prove your policy meets several criteria to be valid when you apply for your French visa.

Finally this must be delivered by an insurance company certified by the embassies and consulates of the visited countries.

What is France Travel Visa Insurance?

Travel Medical Insurance is one of the main requirements for a visa to France. It is a type of health insurance in France for foreigners that enter the country for short stays and it covers all types of medical emergencies.

Do I Need Travel Insurance to Enter France?

All travelers to France are highly recommended to obtain Travel Insurance to France when heading towards the country. However, a good number of these travelers, depending on their nationality, are not obliged to hold insurance when entering France.

Can I Use France Travel Insurance In Other Countries (Schengen)?

Affirmative, if you get a Schengen travel insurance plan for your trip to France, you can travel to other countries in the Schengen Zone as well.

Can I Use France Travel Insurance In Non-Schengen Countries?

If you get a Schengen travel insurance plan, you are covered in the countries which make up the Schengen Zone. Some insurance policies may also cover EU countries not included in Schengen, such as Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, and Ireland.

Then How Long Does Travel Insurance for France Cover Me?

Travel insurance covers the entire duration of your trip to France, from the moment you depart until the moment you return home.

France Visa Insurance Requirements

The requirements are below…

  • A minimum coverage of at least 30,000 EUR.
  • It should cover not only France but all member states of the Schengen Area.
  • Cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent health attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death.

Best Places & Tourist Attractions in France

Here are good destination country where you can visit as you stay in France for your business or education purpose…

  1. Bordeaux
  2. Marseille
  3. Paris
  4. Nice
  5. Normandy
  6. Cannes
  7. Aix-en-Provence
  8. Lyon
  9. Strasbourg
  10. Burgundy
  11. Carcassonne
  12. Chamonix
  13. Loire Valley
  14. Dordogne
  15. French Riviera

Things a France Travel Insurance Policy should Cover?

When you get your travel insurance to France, you should be aware that it does not automatically cover every incident in which you involve in France.

Most of the travel insurance companies cover the following:

  • Cover for the delay and missed departures: In the event that circumstances beyond your control, such as a flash flood, make you miss your flight.
  • Cover for travel abandonment: If problems arise during your trip and face difficulties getting to your destination.
  • Emergency medical expenses: Any unforeseen accident or illness that requires emergent treatment during the trip to France.
  • Repatriation to your home country in case of death.
  • Annulment and shortening of the trip: In case you have to cancel your trip or have to head home early, due to circumstances you cannot manage.
  • Cover for lost and stolen baggage.
  • Cover for the loss or theft of your passport.

Things a France Travel Insurance Policy does NOT Cover?

There are some specific things that French travel insurance does not cover, which are as follows:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Unexpected incidents due to extraordinary situations: Such as terrorism, war, civil unrest or the effects of certain natural disasters that affect your holiday.
  • Alcohol-related incidents: If you hurt yourself or someone else while under the influence of alcohol on your holiday in France, your insurer will probably not cover your expenses.
  • Accidents or injuries: that occur during the adventure or winter sports or snowboarding.

Things to do when you get to France

  • Avoid visiting France in August: This is the time when everybody is going to France, tourist attractions, restaurants and even the streets will be crowded.
  • Try some local foods: Visiting France is meaningless if you do not try the local foods and traditional dishes.
  • Travel by train: It is cheaper, there are good connections, and the view from the window is mesmerizing.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: This is the number one trip for every traveler. Sometimes places may be a bit far from each other, but not far enough to take the bus. You’ll have to walk in such cases, and having comfy shoes is a life-saver.
  • Learn some basic language: You will be surprised at how many French people know English. Yet, it is always nice of you to try learning common new phrases.
  • Pack a foldable umbrella: If you are travelling to France in Spring or Autumn, don’t let the weather predictions lie to you. Sometimes it seems to be all sunny, but then it will start raining all of the sudden. Get a foldable umbrella, and carry it in your bag in any case.
  • Although Cash is accepted everywhere, credit cards may not: You may be used to carrying little cash and paying with a credit card instead. However, in France, cash is king You will be able to pay with cash everywhere you go, but we can’t say the same for credit cards.
  • Take your ID with you: You never know what the day will serve you. So you better have your ID always with you.

Countries Required to Purchase Travel Insurance When Visiting France

Nationals and passport holders of any of the following countries are required to buy travel insurance when travelling to France….

Afghanistan Gabon Oman
Algeria Gambia Pakistan
Angola Ghana Papua New Guinea
Armenia Guinea Palestinian Authority
Azerbaijan Guinea-Bissau Philippines
Bahrain Guyana Qatar
Bangladesh Haiti Russia
Belarus India Rwanda
Belize Indonesia Sao Tome And Principe
Benin Iran Saudi Arabia
Bhutan Iraq Senegal
Bolivia Jamaica Sierra Leone
Botswana Jordan Somalia
Burkina Faso Kazakhstan South Africa
Burma/Myanmar Kenya South Sudan
Burundi Kosovo Sri Lanka
Cambodia Kuwait Sudan
Cameroon Kyrgyzstan Suriname
Cape Verde Laos Swaziland
Central African Republic Lebanon Syria
Chad Lesotho Tajikistan
China Liberia Tanzania
Comoros Libya Thailand
Congo Madagascar Timor-Leste
Cote D’ivoire Malawi Togo
Cuba Maldives Tonga
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Mali Tunisia
Djibouti Mauritania Turkey
Dominican Republic Mongolia Turkmenistan
Ecuador Morocco Uganda
Egypt Mozambique Uzbekistan

How to Get Travel Insurance for France

You can get travel insurance for France entirely online. Here are your options:

  • Travel insurance brokers: They offer a multitude of plans from different travel insurance providers which you can compare side-by-side before purchasing, so you are not limited to only one insurance company.
  • Directly from a company: There are insurance companies everywhere. Many of them operate online but there are probably several in your country as well.
  • From your travel agency or airline: If you are going to France on an organized tour, then your travel agency may offer a plan along with the tour. Many airlines also offer travel insurance plans.

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Policy for France

To choose the best insurance policy for your trip to France,,,,,,

  • Does it comply with Schengen visa insurance rules? This is especially important if you are applying for a visa.
  • Am I satisfied with this coverage? Check whether it covers the minimum €30,000 and what medical treatment is covered under the policy.
  • Is the company trustworthy? Check whether you are buying from a reputable company.

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