How to get a Work Permit In Florida: Employment & Authorization Documents

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Wondering how to get a work permit in Florida? worry no more, a work permit, which is sometimes referred to as a work visa or an employment authorization document (EAD), is a certification of legal authorization that enables an individual to get a job within a state, whether as a minor or a foreigner. It is most times referred to as a work visa if it is issued to a foreigner. In the United States, it is indispensable for you to obtain a working permit as a foreigner or a minor if you want to get a job legally.

How to get a Work Permit In Florida

Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Foreign nationals  and immigrants who want to come to the United States, cannot work unless they receive permission from the United States government.

That permission comes in the form of an Employment Authorization Documents (EAD). EAD’s are more commonly known as “Work Permits.”

How Long Is an Employment Authorization Document Valid For?

The EAD validity period depends on each applicant’s eligibility and is because the USCIS is not going to issue you a work permit with a validity period longer than your visa stay.

EAD is issued with a one-year validity period and it depends on your status, you may be allowed to renew it for a certain number of times.

You must file a renewal of your EAD to continue working legally in the U.S., within 180 days of the expiration of the current one.

For any errors and incorrect information that is attributed to USCIS error

you will need to submit:

  • A letter explaining the error
  • Supporting documents to prove the incorrect information was due to USCIS error
  • The card containing the errors

Working in Florida | Brief Overview

Florida is one of the United States’ economic powerhouses and one of the biggest states in the country by population.

It is a state in the U.S that is known for its Latin-American cultural influences, theme parks, orange crops, winter vegetables, and as a popular destination for retirees and people on holiday or vacations. The state’s economy relies mainly on agriculture, tourism, and transportation.

When it comes to getting a work permit in Florida, some of the popular job positions such as:

Customer service representatives
Cashiers, restaurant cooks
Accounting clerks
Sales representatives
Nursing staffs
Medical assistants
Automotive service technicians
Amusement and recreation attendants

Require that foreigners obtain a work permit before they are allowed to do them. However, U.S citizens do not require any such work permits.

How to Get a Work Permit in Florida (For Minors)

Like many other states in the U.S, Minors who live in Florida and are looking for a job will find it easy to get employed.

As the federal government does not require work permits, minors living in Florida do not have to obtain one before seeking employment in the state. Employers, however, have to follow teen labor laws.

Getting a Work Permit in Florida as a Foreigner (How to get a Work Permit In Florida)

Working in the United States of America can be said to be the dream of a lot of people across the globe.

In most cases, it is termed as a privilege, and that is why the Florida work permits are exclusively issued to certain immigrants, especially ones that meet up to the standards and requirements of the U.S immigration law.

But keep in mind that obtaining a working permit in Florida does not confer citizenship or permanent resident status to the foreigner.

In general, if an employer wants to hire a foreigner, he or she will need to first of all, file a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If approved, then the foreigner may then apply for a work permit.

How To Apply For Florida Working Visa

Good enough, the process of obtaining a work permit in Florida is relatively easy. All you need is to fill out a comprehensive form from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

To apply for a US Work Permit, you must file USCIS Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization). You can download Form I-765 from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Read the entire application carefully and submit the correct documents, photos, and fees. You can also call 1-800-870-3676 if you have any complications in filling the form.

When you are done filling, send it by mail to the USCIS Service Center that serves the area where you live in Florida. Sending it online is also another option if you don’t have a mailing address.

Your application will be processed, and If your application is approved and you file a formal visa application in addition to your work permit, you will be interviewed at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country of residence as a foreigner.

Mind you; you will need to pay an application and issuance fee, plus provide additional documentation, including your international passport.

Florida Work Permit Fee Attachment (How to get a Work Permit In Florida)

When you submit your application form to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a fee is attached to it. The amount was about $410 as of 2019. But USCIS fee amounts go up frequently, so double-check the website for the latest.

If you are requesting deferred action, you must also pay an $85 biometrics fee. It’s required to pay fees by check or money order if you mail in your application, but for that e-filing can pay by debit card, credit card, or an electronic transfer of funds from a United States bank.

Florida Child Labor Laws

According to Florida child labor laws, minors may enter the workforce at 14 years old. The state does not require minors to hold a work permit, though they must provide their employers with proof of their age in order to perform certain duties. Many minors use their school records as a work permit, since they prove how old a student is.

Exemptions to Florida Child Labor Laws

Individuals who are exempted from state regulations on working teens include minors who are:

  • Enrolled in work-study programs
  • Currently or formerly married
  • High school graduates
  • Former service members of the U.S. military
  • In possession of a Child Labor waiver

Florida Working Visa Requirements (How to get a Work Permit In Florida)

  • Two (2) 2×2 photographs
  • International Passport must be valid for 60 days beyond the expiration date printed on the immigrant visa
  • Form DS-260, Immigrant Visa, and Alien Registration Application
  • Civil Documents for the applicant
  • The receipt that proves that you have paid the application fee
  • Completed Medical Examination Forms
  • Approved petition by the U.S Citizenship and Immigrn Services (USCIS)
  • Have a job offer in the U.S
  • Proof of wealth.
  • Labor certification approval by the Department of Labor (DOL).
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