How to get a Work Permit in Texas: Requirements and how to Apply for the Work Permit

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A work permit which is sometimes referred to as a work visa or an employment authorization document (EAD), is a certification of legal authorization that enables an individual to take employment within an industry, therefore individuals who wants to travel to Texas cam know how to get a work permit in Texas following the right procedure and requirements. A work permit may be required to execute certain tasks within a certain workspace outside normal operational tasks. it is most times referred to as a work visa if it is issued to a foreigner.

How to get a Work Permit in Texas

In the US, it is very necessary for you to obtain a work permit as a foreigner or a minor if you want to get a job legally.Yes and Provided you qualify, it is fairly straightforward to apply for a work permit in the United States. A U.S. work permit is also called an employment authorization document, or EAD.

The EAD application is a one-page for, then attach your supporting documentation and submit everything to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

What is an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)?

Immigrants living in the United States, and foreign nationals who want to come to the United States, cannot work unless they receive permission from the United States government.

That permission comes in the form of an Employment Authorization Documents (EAD). EAD’s are more commonly known as “Work Permits.”

Minimum Working Age in Texas (How to get a Work Permit in Texas)

Surprisingly, in Texas, minors as young as 14 are able to seek employment. There is no requirement for a work permit, the minor just needs to find a job.

As the federal government does not require work permits, minors living in Texas do not have to obtain one prior to seeking employment in the state.

Difference between a Work Permit and a Work Visa

Many people confuse Employment Authorization Documents (Work Permits) and Work Visas, well let me walk you through the difference.

A Work Visa allows you to live in the U.S. (any city) and work for a specific employer. Then the employer applies for the visa for you, and the visa will be valid for as long as you continue working for that employer. However, you may only work for that employer while in the U.S. while…

Work Permits are not tied to a specific employer. Once you have a Work Permit, you can work for any employer in the U.S. You will need to renew your Work Permit every year, though, and you will only be able to renew if you have an immigration status that allows you to keep working.

Why a U.S. Work Permit is Necessary

Working in the U.S. is a goal for people from across the globe, foreign nationals wishing to work in the United States will be required to apply for a U.S. work visa.

There are many U.S. work visas available, and applicants must determine which ones they are eligible, and how to apply correctly and prepare documentation.

NOTE: Employers must verify that their employees are authorized to work in the United States. Permanent residents, asylees, refugees and certain nonimmigrants have employment authorization as a direct result of their immigration status. Migrants who do not fall into these categories, such as certain family members of employment-based nonimmigrants, may need to apply for an EAD from USCIS.

Working conditions in Texas (How to get a Work Permit in Texas)

Texas is one of the most populated states in the U.S, It is also known to be the second most populous and second-largest state by total area in the country. Its major productive cities include Austin, Houston, Dallas, Texas city and so on.

According to recent research, some of the fastest-growing jobs in Texas include being a  Statistician, warehouse associate, store manager, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Nurse, Physical Therapist Assistant, Physician Assistant, and many others.

These jobs in their respective industries require that a foreigner to have a work permit before they can be employed to do them.

Who needs a work permit

Most people who immigrate to the U.S. will need to work for a living. To work in the United States, you must have one of the following documents:

  • A permanent resident card, which is known as a Green Card;
  • Employment Authorization Document (Work Permit); or
  • An employment-related visa that allows you to work for a specific employer.

Types of workers for the work permit (How to get a Work Permit in Texas)

  • Permanent (Immigrant) Worker: This is a permanent worker who has authority to live and work permanently in the county.
  • Temporary (Non-Immigrant) Worker: This is a temporary work situation where someone enters the country for a specific purpose. A non-immigrant can enter the country for a temporary period of time. Then, once in the United States, they can only work in the activity for which their visa was issued.
  • Temporary Business Visitors: If someone visits the United States for business purposes, they need a B-1 visa, unless they qualify without one through the Visa Waiver Program.

Work permits for Minors

Minors’ work permits can be categorized into two types namely employment certificates and age certificates. Employment certificates are documents that include the minor’s age and proof of eligibility to work. An age certificate provides documentation that the minor meets the minimum age requirements to be hired.

Unlike many other states, Texas does not require formal work permits for minors under the age of 18. However, they have some restrictions on the type of jobs a minor can do or the hours they should work depending on the minor’s age.

Under Texas law, minors between the ages of 12 to 15 can work for eight hours a day and can work for more than 48 hours a week. Once the minor turns 16, the state labor laws and age restrictions do not affect his or her working hours anymore. However, federal laws and age restrictions are superior to that of the state.

If you are employing minors it is very important that you know the federal and state labor laws and age restrictions because If you are found guilty of violating them, it will be charged with criminal penalties and a fine up to $10,000 for each violation. It is best for you as an employer in texas to request that a minor employee obtain a certificate of age for official validation.

How to apply for a work permit as a minor 

Minors between the ages of 12 and 16 can contact the Texas Workforce Commission to receive a certificate of age. The minor must provide a recent, original headshot photograph, along with proof of age documentation such as a birth or baptismal certificate, passport issued within one year, life insurance policy with teen’s birth date, or school record containing physician’s certificate of age and sworn or a statement from parent or guardian.

Employers in Texas do not have to require work permits from the minors that they employ, however, as noted above, they must follow labor laws and age restrictions for minors.

Work permit for foreigners (How to get a Work Permit in Texas)

A work permit is available only to exclusive groups of immigrants, As a foreigner, if you want to live and work as a permanent (immigrant) in Texas worker you will need to have a permanent resident card, which is known as a Green Card, An employment-related visa that allows you to work in certain industries, and a Texas Immigration Attorney.

How to Apply for a work permit in Texas

If you are still wondering how you get a work permit in texas, well the application process for obtaining a it is relatively simple. You will need to fill out a comprehensive form, attach the fee, photos, and documents proving you’re eligible and submit it to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Start by downloading Form I-765 from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Ensure that you accurately fill out all the information and be clear on your last entry into the United States. Even if you are already in the country and you left the and came back within a short period, your return date would be your last entry.

Spend an adequate amount of time ensuring that you have your eligibility category, properly marked. You will need photocopies for your eligibility answers. If you are applying for your work permit in conjunction with your adjustment of status, you will not need to include eligibility proof. They ascertain eligibility from the application itself.

Easy steps to apply for a Work Permit

There are five easy steps, check below…

 1. Apply for an immigration status that will allow you to work

To get a Work Permit, you need to have an immigration status that allows you to work in the U.S.

 2.  Prepare Form I-765 (How to get a Work Permit in Texas)

You will use USCIS Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, to apply for a Work Permit.

To fill in this form, You’ll fill in your name, contact information, and information about why you are eligible.

 3. Prepare your supporting documents

You will need to submit six supporting documents with your Form I-765 to get a Work Permit:

  1. A copy of your passport photo page
  2. A copy of your current U.S. visa (if you are in the United States already). This visa will almost always be in your passport.
  3. A copy of your original Form I-94 travel record (front and back), or a printout of your electronic I-94, from your most recent entry into the U.S. You can get your electronic I-94 online.
  4. Copies of any of your previous work permits (front and back)
  5. Two 2-inch-by-2-inch passport-style photos of yourself taken recently (print your full name and Alien Registration Number on the back of each with a pencil or felt-tip pen)
  6. A copy of the “receipt notice” you received from the U.S. Government when you submitted your immigrant visa application. You only to provide this if you are applying for a Work Permit after you submitted your immigrant visa application.

If you have never had a work permit before, you will also need to send one of the following forms of identification documents with your Form I-765:

  1. A copy of your Birth certificate from your home country and a copy of a photo ID
  2. copy of a visa you received from a consulate of a country other than the United States
  3. A copy of some other national identity document that has your photo or fingerprint on it.

 4. Pay the filing fee (How to get a Work Permit in Texas)

USCIS charges a $410 fee to process Form I-765. If you are applying for “Deferred Action” (for example, if you are a DACA recipient), you must also pay an $85 biometrics fee. These fees change regularly, so be sure to double-check USCIS’s fee schedule for the most up-to-date amount before you file.

Some immigrants do not need to pay the fee when they file Form I-765. For example, immigrants applying to adjust status to a Green Card do not have to pay the I-765 filing fee. Check the instructions for Form I-765 for a full list of immigrants who do not need to pay the fee.

 5. Submit Your Work Permit application

Once you have completed your Form I-765, assembled your supporting documents, and paid the filing fee, it’s time to submit your application for a Work Permit to USCIS.

It is a good idea to include a cover letter with your paperwork so that the government knows precisely what they are receiving from you.

The address where you will send your application depends on where you live, where you want to have any necessary visa interview, your reason for filing Form I-765, and even which mail carrier you use to submit your application.

Make sure that you carefully review the USCIS website’s addresses so that you get your application to the correct location.

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