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How to get a Work Permit In Wisconsin: Permit Guidelines & Requirements



If you have dreams of moving to Wisconsin, have you ever wondered about “how to get a work permit in Wisconsin” A work permit is an official document that confers legal authorization for a person to take up employment within a state. Getting a work permit in Wisconsin is much easier than most people think, but the entire process can be pretty confusing if you’ve never done it before. However, to make it more easier, this page outlines everything you need to know about getting a work permit in Wisconsin.

how to get a work permit in wisconsin

There are majorly two types of work permits issued by the government in the United States. The first one is the work permit that is issued to minors under the age of 18 by a state government before they are allowed to work at a job.

The other work permit is given by the U.S Federal government to immigrants who do not have green cards or to citizens who have just been naturalized.

In this article, we will be discussing how to get a work permit in Wisconsin as a minor and as a foreigner, but first, let’s get to know a bit about Wisconsin.

The State of Wisconsin | Overview

Wisconsin is a state in the U.S that is known to be the 23rd largest by total area and the 20th most populous in the country.

Wisconsin’s economy is good for manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, healthcare, information technology, and so on.

The most common jobs held by residents of Wisconsin include Personal Care Assistants, Home Health Aids, Business Analysts, Industrial Mechanics, Taxi Drivers, Web Developers, Nurses, and many more.

Due to the living conditions and a considerable number of job opportunities in the state, minors may want to find jobs early, and foreigners might want to come to the state to seek jobs.

Now, let’s look at how to get a work permit in Wisconsin.

How To Get A Work Permit In Wisconsin | For Minors

Like many other states in the U.S, Wisconsin makes it mandatory for every minor to get a work permit to be able to work a part-time or a full-time job in any company within the state.

You might think the process of obtaining a Wisconsin work permit is difficult, but it’s actually pretty simple. The following outlines a detailed process on how to get a Wisconsin work permit.

Wisconsin Work Visa Application Process

Firstly, any minors under the age of 18 should first get a job offer before he or she can apply for a work permit. As a minor, once you have an employer, you should request a letter from the employer that expresses intent to hire you, the letter should include the employer’s business letterhead.

The letter should also include the description and duties of the job, their work hours, and the time of day the minor will work. The employer or an authorized representative must also sign the letter.

You will also need a letter from your parent or guardian agreeing to the employment pointed out in the employer’s letter.

After gathering the documents above, then the minor and their parent or legal guardian should submit to an authorized permit officer, usually at the high school the minor attends.

Of course, the documentation submitted should include proof of age (birth certificate, state ID card, or baptismal certificate), social security card, and $10 permit fee.

If all documentation is present, after a review, the authorized permit officer will issue the permit using a departmental form.

Originals of the permit will be given to the employer and the minor, whereas the Department of Workforce Development, the permit officer and the school district where the minor is to enroll will all receive copies

Work permits are on issues at various locations throughout the state. You may apply for a work permit at your school office to know where in your area you may apply for a work permit.

Types of work permits To Apply for

Are you a Scholar?

You may be a:

  • Researcher,
  • Guest lecturer,
  • Visiting professor,
  • Post-doctoral fellow,
  • Award recipient, or
  • Other type of academic.

The majority of your work in Canada must be teaching or research. Based on your answer, you may be eligible for an employer-specific work permit if you meet the general eligibility requirements for a work permit.

Before you submit your work permit application, your employer must:

  • submit an offer of employment to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada,
  • pay a $230 employer compliance fee, and
  • provide you with an offer of employment number.

Note: When you complete your work permit application, select “Exemption from Labour Market Impact Assessment” as the type of work permit in the “Details of intended work in Canada” section.

Getting Wisconsin Work Permit (For Foreigners)

The application process for obtaining a work permit, which is also in reference to as an employment authorization document or work visa as a foreigner is quite simple if you meet up to the requirements.

If you live in Wisconsin as a foreigner, you should keep in mind not to confuse applying for a work permit with applying for a visa, even though they are most times together if you do not have a green card.

Steps on the Application Process

To begin the application process, you will need to get a USCIS Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization).

You can download Form I-765 from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Read the entire application carefully and attach the correct documents, photos, and fees.

When you filling is Complete, send it by mail to the USCIS Service Center that serves the area where you live in Wisconsin. Sending it online is also another option if you don’t have a mailing address.

Your application will go through processing, and if your application gains approval and you file a formal visa application in addition to your work permit. you will go for interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country where you reside.

You will need to pay an application and issuance fee and provide required documents like a valid passport, proof of residence, passport photographs, statement of account, and so on.

How to Obtain a Work Permit

To obtain a work permit, either the minor alone or minor and a parent must visit the permit officer:

  • Proof of age (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, Wisconsin ID or driver’s license).
  • Social security card (must bring original card).
  • Employer’s written intent to hire, including job duties to be performed, the hours and time of day to be worked.
  • Written consent of parent or guardian.
  • There maybe payment of $10.00 permit fee.
  • Finally, the employer must reimburse for this cost no later than the minor’s first paycheck.

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Work Permit

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