Top 4 ways on How to grow spring onions without soil

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Growing onions can’t be stressful as a stem crop, they only need two resources to grow which are water and good rich soil. The same goes for many crops out there.

How to grow spring onions

How to grow spring onions without soil

Water is very essential for the growth of plants for this reason you can even skip soil during the early stages of the growth of the crop. At this early stage, some crops need mostly water for proper development.

get your coffee ready we are going deep to learn how to grow spring onions without soil

Growing some species of inions like green onions or large onions without using soil can be easy. You can either go to your garden and get an onion or buy from the groceries store to grow. Read below

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Ways to easily grow spring onions without soil

  1. Onions in a glass of water
  2. Onions in an egg carton
  3. Green onions in a glass of water
  4. Onions in wet moss

Green onions in a glass of water

Here is all you will need;

  • Green onion or you can either get a scallion
  • Small glass
  • Water

Growing green onions in water

This method is by far more preferable and also known to be the easiest way farmers and non-farmers grow spring onions without making use of the soil. This method as we said earlier is preferable because you can use only the leftovers of the onions to grow as many as you want.

When growing spring onions, we will be making use of the bottom of that green onion., so take note when choosing a green onion to grow to make sure to choose the ones that have a lot of roots still attached to their bottom. If you are buying remember to take a closer look for some shops tend to cut off the stems so find the ones that still have the stem on.

Steps to follow

Now take your onion and cut off the bottom just about 1inch of the green onions, then get a glass place your onions n the glass with the roots at the bottom of the glass. Get a jar of water and fill your glass cup with the water. Take your glass verse with onions in it to a warm location we recommend keeping it near the window for there it will receive a little sunlight to grow. Also, remember to change its water very often at least after 2 days or so make the water fresh at all cost.

Take note: in no distance time, you will notice that the green of the onions has started growing you can thereby cut it off to use for your favorite recipe. Still continue your process leave the onions to grow their green all over again. You can do this process over again about 3 to 4 times before taking it to the soil to cultivate.

onions in a glass of water

All you will need;

  1. Bulb onion
  2. Small glass
  3. Three Toothpicks
  4. Water

Did you know that if you place your onions in water that it will grow delicious sweet spring onions?

The size does not matter when it comes to this process neither does the species matter using red or yellow inions makes no difference.

All that is needed is that it must be spotless neither rotten areas nor mot in it. Normally an average onion tends to grow up to 4 to 5 spring onions though it depends on the number of buds it has in it. You can also cut off the top layer of the onion there will you see the number of bulbs it has.Β  Each bulb is equivalent to one full onion.

Steps to take,

get your onions and peel off the already dried and dead outer layers. Get 3 toothpicks and stick them all around the side of the onion. Now place the onion inside the glass cup let the toothpicks rest on the top of the glass cup with the roots of your spring onions pointing downwards the glass. Identify the roots of onions as a hairy rough area.

But if the onion and the glass are just about equal in size then there is no need for the toothpicks you can just rest the onions directly on top of the glass.

Fill your glass now with water it should be able to reach a quarter of the onion as it is placed on the glass. Take your glass to a sunny and warm area the window is the best location to get your warm temperature. In a couple of days, you will notice the roots starting to grow inside the water then the spring onions will start to grow out to the surface.

Remember always whenever the greens are due to a size you can eat cut off and eat you can always repeat this process for up to 4 to 5 times before you can think of growing another on. Just like we said in the above article follow the steps we have listed.

How to grow spring onions without soil Using an onion bottom

This method works in a way that you will not make use of the full onion. In this method you will only have to use the bottom 3cm of the bottom of the onion is okay. This method will give you access to eat the remaining of the bulb however in this method of growing spring onions you may not grow the spring onions again and again as in the other methods as though you used the onions whole.

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  1. onions in an egg carton

All you need;

  1. Bulb onion
  2. Shallow tray
  3. Cardboard egg carton
  4. Water

In this method, you will come to notice that it looks just like the above method, only that you will now have to lay your eggs in a carton for eggs instead of glass this time around.

Get your onions and prepare them, in this method never stick your toothpick on the onions now go place the carton of the egg on a sided tray that is shallow. Then stand all the spring onions on the crates with their roots facing downwards. Get your water and start filling the egg crates until the onions are quarterly filled. Take the crates to the window to where it can get enough sunlight to keep its warm.

  1. onions in a wet moss

All you will need;

  1. Bulb onion
  2. Shallow tray
  3. Moss
  4. Water

Remember always that this requires a good healthy onion to get the best results out of it. Peel and remove off the dead outer layers of the onions.

Get a tray to add some average amount of moss at the bottom of the tray. Fix the onions on the tray with moss with the roots of the onions facing downwards. Add water to the tray to make it reach 1/3 of the onion.

The onion will send its root to the moss and then making the spring onion grow to the surface. When they are due you can cut off the spring onions repeat again and again.

like we said above learning how to grow spring onions without soil is simple. just like we have given you all the details you will need to practice what you have been taught.

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