Top 10 Indonesia Job Posting Sites in the World for 2022

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You Seek for Indonesia Jobs Right? … are you an Employer or Employee?… Here are the Top 10 Indonesia Job Posting Sites for you. Indonesia has some of the world’s flourishing industries and they includes- tourism, mining, textiles, apparel, petroleum, etc. There are top leading, popular, and top 7 job boards in Indonesia to help you out. These job boards will not only speed up your hiring process but also reduce your hiring costs dramatically in a snap. Meanwhile, we have made some other updates since last month with respect to the World Top Job Website for you to get Instant Job Alert both for the UK and Across the World.

Indonesia Job Posting Sites

Top 10 Indonesia Job Posting Sites in The World

Find the top 10 places to post your jobs in Indonesia. Includes many free options, as well as niche boards to help you fill roles faster…

Fill your open jobs fast with help from this list of the best and Top Indonesia 10 job posting sites in The World Today. Indonesia has essential local sites that you’ll want to use to get your jobs to the right audience. There are also world-renowned job sites that do well in this market.

Our list includes many free options, and we’ve listed pricing info to make your decision easier.

Is there an alternative to advertising job boards in Indonesia?

You can get this done, you can successfully carry this out in Indonesia through Social media is another great way to find potential employees. Platforms such as Facebook are particularly useful.

What is the best strategy for recruiting in Indonesia?

Your recruitment strategy should be tailored to your needs and the type of position that you are advertising. Read our article on the subject to learn how to do this.

Top 10 Indonesia Job Posting Sites You will Like

Our Rank Job Board Name Posting Options
1. Indeed Free and paid options.
2. Glassdoor Free and paid options.
3. Google for Jobs Free job postings.
4. Free job postings.
5. Paid, starting at IDR 1,100,000 for 2 jobs.
6. Paid, starting at IDR 499,000 per month.
7. Free job postings.
8. The Jakarta Post Paid.
9. Monster Paid, starting at $425.00 USD per post.
10. Paid, staring at 300€ per ad.

Benefits of using a Job Board for hiring (Indonesia Job Posting Sites)

  • Finding a variety of prospective candidates at one place.
  • Posting multi-job advertisements at one time.
  • Promoting and showcasing your employer brand.
  • Saving recruitment time as well as the costs.
  • Reaching a wider audience.
  • Reducing paperwork and manpower.

Detailed explanation of job posting sites in Indonesia

  1. Karir

    Karir is one of the leading and establishment career portals in Indonesia. In karir you can find candidates across various industries such as Finance, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, and many others. It was founded in the year 1999.

    You can advertise your jobs on this job board at an affordable price. Furthermore, you can also send the candidates screening tests for better decision making.

  2. Jobindo (Indonesia Job Posting Sites)

    It is one of the top most popular job boards in Indonesia. There are approximately 6000+ companies in Indonesia that use Jobindo to find the perfect candidates. Additionally, there are more than 150 thousand job seekers who are registered with them.

    Finding a candidate with Jobindo is a much faster process for the Recruiter. Jobindo was founded in the year 2005.

  3. Indeed

    The Indeed is one of the best job boards in the world and you can attract millions of candidates to your jobs on a weekly basis. Indeed offers free as well as sponsored job advertisements. You can also access their resume database to hire from their most suitable candidate for your jobs.

  4. Monster

    Monster is a global online employment solution for employers to attract suitable candidates for their organization. This job board offers two types of packages for job advertisements. You can opt for any one of them that suits your hiring needs.

    It also provides additional features such as AI in Recruiting, Data Security, Power Security, and many others for seamless recruiting experience.

  5. Jobstreet (Indonesia Job Posting Sites)

    Jobstreet is another job board that assists the company to hire the best candidates. This job board allows you to post your job advertisement free of cost if you are a first-time user.

    Additionally, you can attract approximately 300 applicants per job posting. Some of the additional features Jobstreet offers are company branding, talent searching, etc.

  6. Kalibrr

    Kalibrr helps employers to find talented candidates all across Indonesia. This job site will ensure that you source, find, and hire the most talented and experienced candidates for the job.

    In addition to this, Kalibrr has partnered with over 18,000 companies to help them to make the best hire. They also use Artificial Intelligence technology to help the employers to create a strong relationship with the potential candidate.

  7. JobsinJakarta (Indonesia Job Posting Sites)

    JobsinJakarta is one of the popular job sites in Indonesia. You can find candidates across industries which include Design, Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, etc. To post a job advertisement, you will require to register with JobsinJakarta. They offer 3 pricing plans which includes standard, premium, and featured.

Job-sites and employment agencies in Indonesia

Here are – More you Should Read on Job Posting Websites;

– It’s free to join an users can select whic category of job they want to search for. The site is also divided into areas of Indonesia so is perfect for expatriates that are looking for work before moving. Simply upload your CV and get searching!

– Claiming to be Indonesia’s number one job website, clearly has a lot of listings and is a very accomplished site that is easy to use. The user can select a variety of different settings while searching for a job, and there are a lot of high profile employers on the site looking for employees.

– This is a very easy to use job site and from the language, menu being both English and Bahasa, one can see it is used by both expatriates and native Indonesians. Once again free to use, allows users to upload their resume and choose from a variety of drop-down menus when searching for a job including job title, job function, industry and job location.

– This is a worldwide job site but you can search specifically for Indonesian jobs and similar to other sites, users can specify job categories and sectors within the search parameters. If you are unable to find a job you can always enter your email to receive updates once any matching Indonesian jobs are posted.

Once in Indonesia, you can get a rough idea for the job market, average salaries and the need for foreign workers from classified adverts both on the web and in local newspapers.

In Summary … Top 10 Indonesia Job Posting Sites

The benefit of local newspapers is that they are directly in a place and you can even go to inquire about the job which has been listed.

Valuable newspapers could be the capital’s Jakarta Post,  Suara Pemberton, or Seputar Indonesia, Indonesia’s longest running newspaper with a joint TV station. However, these are national newspapers and unless looking for high-profile, city-based jobs, you are more likely to be successful with local publications.

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