International School of Milan (Milan, Italy): Best International Schools in Milan Reviews

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International school of Milan has invariably been joined with study tutorial culture altogether their endeavors and for many years, they need served the international education community and also the Italian community as well. With their mission set at accomplishment and chance for all, the scholars are schooled to be assured enough to possess their own place during this world of competition. The International faculty of Milan is happy with its position within the city because the premier international IB school in terms of its info and outlook and is notable for its high educational standards and caring learning environment.

international school of milan

It’s conjointly a global community with over fifty nationalities and a student body that’s proud to belong to the college community and dependent on the training they participate in.

All the international school of Milan provide a heat and friendly community and offer the very best standards of educational care across the American school and glorious courses across the British schools: from the first Years Foundation Stage to International Baccalaureate certificate Programme.

A Summary of the Milan International Schools (International School of Milan)

Milan has been a various and cosmopolitan place that a lot of expats decision home. the town isn’t any trespasser to international faculties – after all it’s many that are long-established and really well-regarded internationally. And rather like the city itself, Milan’s international schools welcome students from everywhere the world.

European country (Italy) public schools provide glorious standards of education, simply rivalling personal and international schools. Public schools also are free throughout the country. therefore why select a global school?

1st of all, public schools in Italy teach through Italian. therefore if your kid doesn’t speak the language, it’s quite massive hurdle to overcome. Secondly, since international schools are in private run, they will have the next customary of facilities and additional intensive additional information programs to offer.

International faculties in European country even have a more world approach to education, getting ready children for keeps or additional education terribly a part of the world. And finally, there’s conjointly info choice. The transition to a replacement faculty in a new country is simpler for youngsters if they will obtain wherever they left off, with identical lessons and subjects.

While the British curriculum encompasses a slight approach Milan’s international schools, others are very easily found. The International Baccalaureate and the American info are nearly as common because the British one, and you’ll be able to also realize French, Swiss, Canadian and Italian international faculties within the city.

Language and Traditions in Milan (urban center) International Schools

The language of instruction matches the curriculum, i.e. a college that teaches the French curriculum can instruct students through French. The IB is often schooled through English. Italian is often offered as a second language in Milan’s international schools.

Two (2) traditions are common in international schools in Milan that you just might not see in different cities. the primary is boarding faculties. whereas they’re changing into less fashionable and fewer common, there are still some boarding choices on the market for those considering it.

The second tradition is religion. It remains a very important a part of life in Italy, numerous schools build Catholicism their ethos. faith will seem in many aspects of faculty life, from the name of the college to religion lessons and something in between. Your kid won’t be forced to participate within the spiritual aspects of school life if they like not to, however.

The majority of urban center’s international faculties are unfold equally throughout the central districts of the city, circling the historical district and so spreading additional out. If you’d choose to be faraway from the hustle and bustle of the city, contemplate areas love Monza or Baranzate on the outskirts.

Good Benefits

  • Largest international field in European country designed around students’ wants
  • Running the IB certificate since 1987 with glorious average results of thirty four to thirty six points
  • Solely IB time faculty in Milan
  • Inclusive surroundings and really international community
  • Indoor swimming bath
  • 24/7 police investigation
  • BSA member (British Boarding faculty’s Association)
  • A part of world impressed Education Group, providing access to international best practices and foremost academic experts.

Entry Requirements, a way to Apply, what’s needed to inscribe

  • Form info or Application Form
  • From the previous place of study
  • High level of information and good marks an
  • Honest level of English
  • Interviews with the applicant’ folks
  • Check to spot the amount of knowledge.

Facilities and instrumentality at International School of Milan

The field of the institution is found within the heart of Milan and meets the best international standards:

  • Separate rooms for preschool and faculty (school).
  • School rooms
  • Categories three libraries and centre
  • Theater for 250 people
  • Laboratories and scientific workplaces
  • Audiences for recreation and games
  • Artistic and music studios
  • out of doors sports grounds
  • Sports advanced
  • Treadmills and a walking park
  • A restaurant
  • Canteen
  • Medical office
  • Residence for living.

List of International Schools in Milan

  • ELLCI Milano – Italian school

Via Niccolò Paganini, 18, 20131 Milan

  • The British faculty of Milan – Sir James Henderson

Via C. A. Pisani Dossi, 16, 20134 urban center Milan

  • Canadian faculty of Milan

Elementary faculty Via Melchiorre Gioia, 42, 20124 Milan

  • St Louis high-school

Via Pantano, 13, 20122 Milan

  • International faculty of Europe

Via I Maggio, 20, 20021 Baranzate MI

  • Scuola Leonardo old master Milano

Via Carlo Darwin, 20, 20143 Milano

  • American school of Milan

Via Karl Marx, 14, 20090 Noverasco di Opera MI

  • Bilingual European School
  • United International Business faculties (UIBS), Mila

Regus Business Center, Via Santa Maria Valle, 3, 20123 Milano

  • International House Milano

Viale Brenta, 27, 20139 Milano

  • Milan Fashion field Fashion faculty

Via Giuseppe Broggi, 7, 20129 Milano

  • German faculty of Milano

Via Legnano, 24, 20121 Milano

  • ICS International faculty

Istituto d’istruzione 0-18 anni Via dei Fontanili, 3, 20141 Milan


Italian school – Scuola di Italiano per Stranieri – MilanoScuola di lingue a Milano, Italia Via Giosuè Carducci, 17, 20123 Milan

  • Bloom International faculty

Via Paolo Bassi, 3, 20159 Milano

  • ISAD style faculty

Via Balduccio prosecuting attorney Pisa, 16, 20139 Milano

  • Linguadue

Corso Buenos Aires, 43, 20124 Milano

  • Japanese faculty of Milano

Via Arzaga, 10, 20146 Milano

  • Istituto Marangoni

Via Pietro Verri, 4, 20121 Milano

Admission Dates and Extra Charges

The academic year is divided into semesters:

  • Autumn semester: from August 20 to December 20 (vacation from October 29 to November 2, Christmas holidays from December 21 to January 4)
  • Spring semester: from 7 January to 18 April (holidays from 25 February to 1 March, from 19 April to 1 May)
  • Summer semester (optional): from May 2 to June 20.

Tuition fees (per year):

1) Early Years (Kindergarten):

  • Prekindergarden: from 10300 €
  • Kindergarden: from 10300 €
  • Transition: from 11300 €.

2) Elementary School:

  • Classes 1 to 5 (Grade 1 to 5): from 16600 €

3) Middle Years Program:

  • Classes 6 to 9 (Grades 6 to 9): from 17750 €
  • Classes 10-11 (Grades 10 to 11): from 20050 €

4) Diploma Program:

  • Classes 12-13 (Grades 12 to 13): from 21650 €.

Additional charges

  • Registration fee
  • Deposit confirming the place on the course
  • Service Fee
  • Examination Boards
  • Deposit for tuition
  • Air tickets in both directions
  • Transfer in both directions
  • Compulsory medical insurance
  • Personal pocket expenses
  • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
  • Consular fee (paid at the Embassy).

A Review, Details of the International School in Milan

St. Louis school (International School of Milan)

St. Louis faculty Milan is a proud member of impressed, a number one global premium faculties cluster operative in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the center East and geographical area educating over 45,000 students across a worldwide network of quite sixty four schools.

Supported by Nadim M Nsouli, Inspired offers a contemporary and modern approach to education by re-evaluating ancient teaching strategies and curricula, and making a additional dynamic, relevant and powerful academic model.

At impressed, we tend to believe that the general educational expertise instils the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and worths that students can carry with them for life.

Inspired sets a replacement customary in premium personal education with handpicked academics and a dedication to excellence that permeates each facet of every school.

Group action innovative, difficult and enriching academic, playing & artistic arts and sports programmes, Inspired’s students leave with outstanding results, a love of learning, confidence and a firm value system that prepares them to embrace the challenges life throws at them in their future endeavours.

St. Louis faculty is extraordinarily happy with the exceptional IB certificate results achieved by our students. we tend to congratulate all of our students on their outstanding results, that stand their ground with a number of the world’s high IB schools.

Yies School

Affirmative is that the school: for students, for academics and for parents. it’s a novel mix of learning and discovery and combines the most effective of each the Italian and international curriculum.

The YIES technique is based on analysis and permits the event of information involving personal experiences. it’s an surroundings wherever students develop important supposeing and private skills and where completely different learning designs are recognized and valued.

Students are going to be able to think creatively and be freelance once finding problems. YIES is that the academic environment within which elementary components love serenity, support and co-operation are thought-about fundamental.

It’s the place where pupils are inspired to develop their critical thinking and personal skills and to grow as a person.

In YIES, our goal is to develop skills, talents and data to assist children grow as accountable voters of the world, confident advocates of change, prepared for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Andersen International School (International School of Milan)

Andersen International School is an area wherever children can thrive socially, academically and creatively.

We wish the kids to be the most effective that they will be. we’ve an ardent team of teachers, support workers and management who produce a caring, productive atmosphere. we tend to prepare our students for any challenges that they will meet in today’s world and to become accountable voters to form valuable contributions to it.

Set in ample, enticing grounds at intervals straightforward reach of the centre of Milan, Andersen International faculty offers a beautiful learning surroundings for quite five hundred youngsters from everywhere the world, from Nursery to high-school Paritaria.

We tend to are proud to supply a high customary of Education following each land National info and also the Italian school’s Curriculum. youngsters receive most individual attention permitting them to succeed in their full tutorial potential.

Andersen faculty desires to be an area where children of every position learn to measure along and act through the utilization of land language. Our goal is to form an surroundings wherever students will realize ground for interacting, experiencing and discovering the characteristics that make completely different cultures each distinctive and also the same.

College Bilingual School

College Bilingual School constantly pursues the goal of building an academic alliance with folks , so as to figure together within the perspective of fostering an honest relative climate , supported mutual respect, dialogue, listening and collaboration, every in the awareness of own role for a sharing of intentions.

For this reason, JCBS organises meeting moments, themed evenings, sharing events geared toward families, adults ANd children, additionally to the celebrations of canonical anniversaries.

Baby faculty , preschool and bilingual child School, was born in 2007 and develops an innovative teaching that places the kid at the centre of its educational project , going to synergistically reconcile the academic objectives set by the Italian Ministry of Education with those of land National Curriculum.

This integration makes it attainable to extend data of the Anglo-Saxon culture ANd, at identical time, to reinforce and safeguard the Italian cultural identity.

To confirm academic continuity, college Bilingual faculty was born, an equal primary school, that intends to be a reference for the bilingual model, putting itself as a centre of excellence within the field of education.

Due to the utilization of land language for 50% of the college time, the kid grows up developing a bilingual mind.

Bilingualism, additionally to the aptitude to pass from one language to another, implies mental flexibility, speed of reasoning and openness to the unknown, diversity, the propensity for exploration and knowledge.

GIS The International faculty of Monza

At GIS The International faculty of Monza learning focuses on the event of skills and attitudes that teens need to become active participants within the world of tomorrow. it’s a world expertise that the scholars experience each as national and global citizens.

For our Early Years sections we tend to inspire ourselves on the Reggio Emilia approach. AN innovative and galvanizing philosophy to infancy Education which values the kid as strong, capable and resilient; made with marvel and knowledge.

Each kid brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to grasp their world and their place at intervals it.

In our Primary Years sections, we tend to believe in inquiry-based and trans-disciplinary learning. ideas are explored from an area and a worldwide perspective through the lenses of the various disciplines.

The child develops the required skills to raise relevant queries and realize proof based mostly answers to fulfil their curiosity and reach their own conclusions.

They conjointly develop social skills, learning a way to work with others in cooperation, to succeed in a common goal, and develop the required confidence to share their ideas and thoughts.

Through these completely different elements, children are ready to foster their love for learning that ought to permeate throughout their entire lives.

Bloom International School (International School of Milan)

Bloom International School offers a biological process programme for youngsters aged three to four years permitting students to start learning and become familiar with a room setting. Our grammar school covers the developmental years from Grade one to Grade 6, following the Cambridge International Primary Programme.

This stage provides a gradual basis for learning across a good vary of educational subjects. Our lyceum follows the Cambridge International Secondary Programme from Grade seven to Grade nine.

This successively progresses from the essential data gained within the grammar school permitting the event of elaborated understanding in subjects covered. Our high-school programme for Grades ten and eleven provides students with a additional detailed and analytical knowledge to modify them study independently.

When finishing Primary and Secondary Cambridge stop examinations, at the top of Grade half-dozen and Grade 9 respectively, students can have a comprehensive foundation to move on to our college’s preparative Cambridge International General Certificate of Education (Cambridge IGCSE).

Following on from IGCSE, students move to Grade twelve and Grade thirteen learning Cambridge International AS & Advanced level programmes.

St. Joseph International faculty

St. Joseph International College is a global faculty in urban center. Sri Lankan Students are given the most opportunity. All are English medium subjects together with Sinhalese and Italian.

The British faculty of Milan – Sir James Henderson

known mutually of the highest ten British faculties within the world and also the solely school in urban center rated ‘Excellent’ by Great Britain Government inspectors, the British faculty of Milan (BSM) is a co-educational day school, with a global constituency extending across the town of Milan and beyond.

Established in 1969, the college offers an academically rigorous moreover as a broad and balanced info for college kids between the ages of three and 18. within the Primary faculty, students follow land National Curriculum, culminating in the Senior School with public exams at (I)GCSE.

In Years twelve and thirteen (the Sixth Form), students pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma – thought-about the gold customary of world education and also the best preparation for universities and the globally competitive world of work.

Canadian faculty of Milan

At the center of the Canadian faculty of Milan there could be a rigorous educational program that aims to challenge our students to attain their full potential, raise their expectations and follow their limits.

It’s our firm ambition to arrange our students with not solely an exceptional education, however with essential personal qualities love honesty, tolerance, resilience, strength of character and authority so that they are going to be prepared for the challenges and wonders of life on the far side our school.

All of our room academics at CSM are extremely qualified and are available from everywhere the world. State of the art technologies are integrated into our info to produce students with the opportunities to be twenty first century learners.

We tend to pride oneself in maintaining tiny category sizes and low student to teacher ratios, therefore students will receive the individualised support they need for his or her own tutorial and private progress.

MILE School or faculty (International School of Milan)

MILE faculty Milan was born in 2003 from the will and fervour for Education of its founder. Born and raised in urban center, when graduating in Law, Adriana Sorbellini obtained post-graduate education studies, deepening her skills abroad wherever she was able to get in contact with leading bilingual infancy education facilities.

In 1998, she supported the primary bilingual preschool in Franciacorta (BS) and, in 2003, she created the bilingual company nursery school in Milan on behalf of Nestlé Italia.

Ranging from identical year 2003, she first founded the bilingual preschool in Milan, then the first school (2008) and also the middle school (2013), making what’s currently the bilingual equal education structure MILE School.

Emotional and researcher, she has participated within the drafting of the things of the certification of the standard path EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) unitedly with the town of urban center.

She conjointly collaborates these days with the University of Pavia, the Catholic University of Milan and also the Bicocca University of Milan.

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