Panduit Flexfusion: Panduit Launches, Installation & FlexFusion Cabinet Network

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Panduit Flexfusion: The needs of information centers ar perpetually evolving, it is, therefore, essential to possess rack solutions capable of giving most measurability. With the expansion of edge information centres and colocation sites, these arrays should not solely be versatile in their style however even be organized for specific environmental and instrumentation wants that push the bounds for max cooling and cooling potency. FlexFusion cabinets give one universal platform for every kind of information centres and enterprise service wants, as well as Hyperscale, Edge and Multi-Tenant information Centres.

Panduit Flexfusion

This is after all engineered with the best-in-class weight load of 3,500 lbs (1.59 tons), and doors with a most flow of 80%, FlexFusion will accommodate the foremost advanced cupboard installations.

Whether it’s servers, networks, or hybrid applications, FlexFusion enclosures deliver performance that enables optimum operation in any network atmosphere, with sizes from 600mm to 800mm widths, 1070mm and 1200mm depths and a variety of heights from forty-two (42) to 51RU.

What will Panduit Flexfusion offer?

  1. Panduit’s FlexFusion™ is that the next-generation cupboard designed to fulfill the requirements of Datacentres for this decade.
  2. Panduit FlexFusion™ brings along Network and Server cupboards into one vary.
  3. In the FlexFusion™ webinar, you may hear why Networks Centre is earlier than the sport
    when it involves our pre-staging and pre-configuration services.

Our method and high reasons include:

  • Design/scoping
  • The Programme management
  • Quality assurance
  • Supporting inexperienced initiatives

4. Discover however we will facilitate corporations like yours to deliver comes additional expeditiously, saving time, mitigating risk, and reassuring quality.

Specifications of FlexFusion Cupboards (Cabinets)

FlexFusion™ cupboards shall comprises a welded and assembled steel frame construction obtainable in 600mm, 700mm and 800mm widths, 1070mm and 1200mm depths and forty two metallic element, 45 RU, forty-eight metallic element and fifty one metallic element heights.

The top of cupboard shall be obtainable with either wrought edge protection and snap-in covers for CoolBoot® eyelet Cable Seal or brush cable seal and rear lift-up lid for PDU cable lay-in. totally adjustable front and rear cage nut instrumentation rails.

Available choices includes front single hinged door and rear split-hinged doors with 80% open perforation, horizontally split facet panels, cable management fingers, vertical cable manager bracket, PDU mounting bracket and casters.

The entire cupboard shall be electrically guaranteed while not the utilization of bonding wires. cupboard shall have a 1591kg (3500 lbs.) static load rating and 1136kg (2500 lbs.) rolling load rating.

The Benefits & options of FlexFusion™ cupboard/cabinet are: (Panduit Flexfusion)

Scalability – configuration platform to form cupboard to fulfill specifications and needs.

Robust Construction – best-in-class load rating for secure installation.

Advanced Security – alternative of key lock, 3-digit jazz group, or HID electronic and/or computer keyboard lock.

Enhanced Cable Management – alternative of tool-less fingers, vertical cable manager and front-to-back cable manager.

Integrated Intelligence – keeper preparation with pre-configured PDU, access management, and environmental observation.

Flexibility – universal style for server or network applications.

Maximum Cooling – eightieth perforated doors for increasing power density in newer deployments.

“The launch of the FlexFusion™ cupboard could be a testament to the innovation that Panduit will give to our customers.

Through in depth analysis, we’ve got discovered that customers want a configurable cupboard which will grow as network demands evolve,” states Matt Paciorek, cluster Manager, Converged Infrastructure Solutions.

“Data center cupboards ar increasing in density and storage capability, thus we’ve got additional extra thermal enhancements and integrated intelligence. we have a tendency to ar all terribly excited for the FlexFusion™ cupboard, because it is ready-made specifically to customer’s wants.”

Relationship with Customers

Interaction with the purchasers is important to supply them with the high level of flexibility they demand for his or her information centre cupboards.

The FlexFusion cupboard is our answer to their wants. Through in-depth analysis, our customers have told North American nation that they have a configurable Cabinets or cupboard, which might scale with the strain of the network, “says Matt Paciorek, cluster Manager, Converged Infrastructure Solutions.

The FlexFusion bay are often custom organized victimization the configurator tool obtainable via the Panduit web site.

Flexfusion cabinet choices include: (Panduit Flexfusion)

  • Adjustable front and rear instrumentation rails
  • Rail position markers
  • Heavy-duty levelling legs
  • Ganging brackets
  • Standard floor mounting brackets
  • 25 every M6 cage nutty and screws

FlexFusion™ cupboards provide a singular universal platform for every kind of information centers and conjugation wants as well as Hyperscale, Edge and Multi-Tenant information Center.

Built with best-in-class weight load of three,500 lbs. and doors with most air flow of eightieth, our new cupboard style will tackle your most difficult cupboard installations.

Whether it’s for server, network or hybrid applications, FlexFusion™ cupboards deliver performance to stay your networks running at best potency.

 Extra FlexFusion™ options include:

Configurator tool to choose a basic cupboard to a turn-key pre-configured cupboard
Fully integral guaranteed while not use of grounding wires
Adjustable front and rear cage nut instrumentation rails
Several tool-less cable management choices to decide on from

A configuration tool

This tool helps to pick out a customary or pre-configured keeper bay (including size, colour, range of baggage racks, sorts of locks and handles, the position of the electrical rail, variety of roof, sensors, PDUs, facet panels)

  • Fully integrated style while not the utilization of grounding wires
  • 70-degree door gap for simple access
  • Adjustable front and rear cage nut instrumentation rails
  • Multiple tool-less cable management choices
  • Easy elevate facet panels with convenient lifting handles

General Information (Panduit Flexfusion)

Manufacturer PANDUIT CORP
Manufacturer Part Number XG64212BS0001
Manufacturer Website Address
Brand Name Panduit
Product Line FlexFusion
Product Name FlexFusion Cabinet
Marketing Information FlexFusion Cabinet, 600mm x 42RU x 1070mm, Black, Hardware Mount Rail, Top Cap w/ Brush Seal, Single Hinge Perforated Front Door, Split Perforated Rear Door, Standard Locks, Left and Right Side Panels, Left PDU Bracket, Casters
Product Type Rack Cabinet
Weight (lb) 350

Technical Information

Application/Usage Patch Panel
Application/Usage LAN Switch
The Application/Usage Server
Application/Usage PDU
Features Cable Management
Features Adjustable Mounting Rails
The Features Removable Side Panel
Features Casters
Features Perforated Door
The Features Lockable Door


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