Student Travel Insurance: Insurance Protection for all Students & Student Travel Policies

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We all know what an insurance company is all about and its help towards safeguarding life and properties of the insured, however today we can also learn that insurance protection and safeguarding does not end there because of the effective activities carried out for the student travel insurance. Now this is an insurance for scholars all over the world and international students can benefit for this policy if they were insured, a student travel insurance stands by you in taking that risk during your traveling activities.

Student Travel Insurance

Travel health insurance providers have student plans suitable for students studying abroad. Therefore, it is very important for students traveling outside of the United States to have a suitable health insurance plan.

From this note, this will help to cover them for any sickness or unexpected injury. There are Few popular international student plans. Students can also use compare facility to view more plans if needed.

Each of the plans vary slightly in terms of benefits and price. If the University has any specific requirements, please feel free to contact us on the phone or by email.

Students can buy best student travel insurance plans online or through the company itself, but just make sure you have the real documents needed for the insurance.

What is Travel Insurance for Students all about?

Student insurance will cover you for the duration of your stay abroad, up to 12 months, leaving you with one less thing to worry about as you tackle foreign languages, new cultures, and time away from home and loved ones.

You will have a whole new list of responsibilities, so it’s wise to make sure that some things are covered before you leave.

Does my Student Travel Insurance cover some Sports Games (adventures)?

This is an affirmative, students joining the college or university sports team can be one of the top priorities when studying abroad.

Most travel insurance policies cover over 50 adventurous sports and activities as standard so you’re free to have fun.

This covers you if you’re planning on skydiving, rock climbing, swimming with sharks and many other extreme sports.

What does Student Travel Insurance cover?

All of our student travel insurance policies include:

  • Cover for cancellation of your trip
  • Over 50 sports and activities covered as standard (see policy wording for a full list)
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Personal belongings and baggage cover
  • Personal money, passports and travel documents cover
  • Accommodation cover
  • Legal expenses cover

How Much Does Student Travel Insurance Cover?

You can choose how much coverage you want. There are different “policy maximums”, meaning the maximum amount of money the insurance company will pay for a claim. There are usually different amounts for different things, such as medical bills and loss of belongings.

The exact amount that the insurance company pays for any occasion is stated clearly on the policy details. Make sure to read it.

International Student Health Insurance, Study Abroad Travel Insurance

Students when they travel outside their home country to study along with the university academic experience also get an opportunity to experience a new culture.

However when you are outside your home country you are also vulnerable to fall sick given the new living environment, cuisine and weather.

Your domestic health insurance may not cover you in a foreign country therefore a good student health insurance plan is necessary to keep you secure.

Cost effect of the Travel Insurance for Students (Insurance packages for students)

The cost of student travel insurance depends on the below criteria:

  • How much coverage you want to have. If you choose a health insurance plan with a higher policy maximum, you will have to pay more. If you add coverage for optional “add-ons”, such as liability, it will cost even more.
  • Where you are travelling to. Travel insurance for the US for example, costs more than in most other countries, due to the very high cost of healthcare.
  • How long you need coverage for. If you buy travel insurance for a month, it will be more expensive than a plan for only two weeks.

Key facts to know before buying Student Travel Insurance

  • Read the policy exclusions. Learn what you are not covered for.
  • Find out how you can make a claim.
  • Find out whether they have a helpline you can reach out to for assistance. Get the number/email.
  • Do not buy the cheapest plan you find. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. A cheap student travel insurance plan will probably not offer you all the coverage you need in times of emergency.
  • Read the policy conditions carefully. See exactly for what you have coverage. E.g. a company may claim they cover for cancellation, but they usually have specific conditions that are acceptable, such as cancellation within two weeks for reasons outside your control.
  • See whether it meets the requirements of your school or the student visa requirements.
  • Do your research on the company, read reviews from previous customers.

Who Is Eligible for Student Travel Insurance? (Insurance  packages for students)

You can buy a student travel insurance plan if:

  • You are part of a vocational training program abroad.
  • Candidate becomes a part of a working holiday program.
  • You are a volunteer abroad.
  • You are a student who will take a course or pursue studies at a university or school abroad.
  • Candidate is in an internship with a company abroad (paid or unpaid).
  • You will work as part of an “au pair” program abroad.

How Can I Get Student Travel Insurance?

You can get student travel insurance in one of the following ways:

  • Directly from an insurance company in your country.
  • Online, through international insurance companies offering student travel insurance plans. You can go to their website, write down where and for how long you want to be covered, then read through the plans they offer, and purchase one.
  • Through online travel insurance brokers, which allow you to compare plans from different companies before settling on one. Similarly, you have to enter the dates during which you want to be covered and where.
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