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Below you will find some links destined to facilitate the research of post-graduate Students Resources from the Arab World who wish to do a Master’s or Ph.D. in the Netherlands or Dutch students who wish to go on exchange to a university in the Arab World. So every scholar out there that always wants to further their education in a more higher level can always apply for this scholarship in Netherlands where they can be free to study any course of their choice and in a more favorable environment as well.

Students Resources in the Netherlands

What you Need on Students Resources

Please note that the Lutfia Rabbani MSR and Vreede scholarships and travel grants are only given to students who have been officially admitted by their prospective university. Read more about the experiences of our alumni in the Netherlands or in the Arab World here.

Students Resources In the Netherlands

Dutch universities are ranked amongst the best in Europe. The Netherlands is an attractive destination to international students, as it offers an array of programs taught in English in a wide variety of disciplines.

Find below some useful tools for finding a study, scholarships, and accommodation in the Netherlands:

Online Education Search (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

This website offers detailed information concerning universities, course descriptions, admission requirements, available scholarships. Also, there are other relevant references linked to universities around Europe.

Search can be made by country, discipline, sub-discipline or even by language, tuition fees, type of degree, a starting time of the semester, duration and timing.

complete guide of the highest ranking universities in the Netherlands, with detailed information about the university, fees and finance, reviews and accommodation.

Netherlands Government Scholarships for International Students

Below are the Government scholarships in Netherlands which students are free to secure and international students are free to secure any of this.

Holland Scholarships (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

The Holland Scholarship is meant for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to do their Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. The scholarship amounts to € 5,000 which you will receive this in the first year of your studies.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in Netherlands

Dutch Universities participate in quite a number of study programs which are funded by Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.  The scholarships allow international students to pursue a participating Erasmus Mundus study program in Netherlands.

Orange Knowledge Programme (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

An Orange knowledge Programme scholarship is intended to supplement the salary that you should continue to receive during the scholarship period. The Orange Programme aims to advance the development of the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals as well as organizations. This lucks in towards field of higher and vocational education and in other fields related to the priority themes in the programme countries. The scholarship covers costs of living and costs such as tuition fees, visa, travel, insurance etc.

Netherland Colleges and Universities that offer Scholarships for International Students

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Programme is open to outstanding non-EU/EEA students pursuing any MA, MSc and LL.M programmes offered at the University. The scholarships comes in ranges like: €10,000 of the tuition fee, €15,000 of the tuition fee, or total tuition fee minus the home fee.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (Netherlands)

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES) awards scholarships to exceptionally talented students from outside the EU to pursue eligible Master’s Programmes offered at the University of Amsterdam. The AES is a full scholarship of €25,000 covering tuition and living expenses.

University of Twente Scholarships (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

University Twente Scholarships (UTS) are scholarships for excellent students from both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA countries, applying for a graduate programme (MSc) at the University of Twente. The scholarship amount is from € 6,000 – € 25,000 for one year.

University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships

Maastricht University offers the UM High Potential Scholarships to talented students from outside the EEA to follow any UM master’s programme. The scholarships cover tuition fee, living expenses per month, insurance, and visa costs.

Radboud University Scholarship Programme

The Radboud Scholarship Programme offers a selected number of talented prospective non-EEA students. Here, the opportunity to receive a scholarship to pursue a complete English-taught Master’s degree programme. The tuition fee will be waived to the level of an EEA student. In addition the Radboud Scholarship also covers costs such as for visa, residence permit, health insurance and liability insurance.

Utrecht University Excellence Scholarships (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship offers a number of outstanding prospective students the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a selected number of fields at Utrecht University.   The Utrecht Excellence scholarship can be award(ed) as tuition fees.

Erik Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen

The Erik Bleumink Fund Scholarships are usually awarded for any 1 year or 2 years Master’s degree programme offered at the University of Groningen.  The grant covers the tuition fees plus the costs of international travel, subsistence, books, and health insurance.

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

The Delft University of Technology offers a number of excellence scholarship programs for international students. The scholarship is a full scholarship coverage of tuition fees and monthly allowance for living expenses.

VU University Amsterdam Fellowship Programme (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) offers talented prospective students from outside the EU/EEA the unique opportunity. This great opportunity is for them to pursue a degree in a selection of Master’s programmes at VU University.  The fellowship awards €15.000 to students paying the tuition fee for non-EEA students.

The Hague World Citizen Talent Scholarship

The Hague University offers scholarships to outstanding international students who would like to pursue their Bachelor programme at the University.  At €5,000 each, the scholarships cover almost two-thirds of the total first year university’s tuition fee and will only be award(ed) once.

Scholarship Online Search (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

If you would like to search for a scholarship by field of study, student origin, destination, discipline, level, duration or purpose than this scholarship portal is the best website for this. The website also offers detailed information concerning scholarship benefits, application inf, and relevant references.

For information regarding financing your studies, grant finder tools and scholarships administered by Nuffic the website of Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) offers the best information.

Students Resources on Accommodation

Finding affordable accommodation in some Dutch cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht can be very challenging for international students.

Living on campus is not common in the Netherlands and universities often do not have granted the accommodation for students.

Searching in advance via different online platforms and Facebook groups can be very helpful in finding a room on time. This website offers some options for trustworthy platforms and housing agencies.

In the Arab world (Students Resources in the Netherlands)

The MENA region offers a wide variety of universities with courses taught in Arabic, English, or French. Admission requirements and procedures may greatly vary accordingly to the country. Therefore, we recommend that you have your home university assisting you with your exchange program to the Arab World.

Ranking of Arab Universities

  1. Webometrics Ranking
  2. Eduniversal Ranking

University List

You can find more information regarding the specific search of universities per country with a comprehensive list for Middle East & Eurasia

Courses and Vacancies

This website features a search tool for language and cultural immersion programmes in the Arab world. For academic opportunities and vacancies in the region, please check this website.

Grants and Fellowships

The Arab Council for the Social Sciences runs a number of fellowships and grants programs that offer opportunities for junior and senior researchers. This can come from any region, often facing limited funding and mentoring opportunities.

The programs also focus on supporting the publication and dissemination of high-quality social science research on the Arab region.

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  3. Fully Funded Leiden University 2019/2020
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  5. ASEAN International Research institute Fully Funded
  6. USA Mission to Vietnam Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program.
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