Study in Denmark from Germany: Tuition Fees, Visa, Course Search, Living Costs and Reasons why Students like to Study in Denmark

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Denmark is one in every of the foremost well-liked international study destinations in Europe due to its low study prices, high-quality English-taught degree courses and also the innovative teaching ways (Study in Denmark from Germany). International students conjointly select Denmark because of its nice commonplace of living and also the massive sort of study subjects offered at Danish universities. If you’re thinking about studying abroad in Denmark, looking for elaborated info regarding tuition and living prices can assist you build an wise call for your future. Keep reading to seek out out estimates of tuition fees, accommodation prices and expenses for food, transportation and additional study materials.

Study in Denmark from Germany

Overview of Denmark Education

Denmark is usually considered the bridge between Scandinavia and also the remainder of Europe. it’s so the bridging purpose between Northern and Southern Europe, with its position to the south of Scandinavian nation and also the north of European nation, providing the right base for exploring the Nordic countries.

With a population of roughly five.5 million it’s a comfortable, safe and relaxed country to continue your education. There’s AN calculable 226,000 students in Denmark, 20,000 of that square measure international students. it’s a good state in situ, though just like the remainder of Scandinavia the price of living is quite high.

Denmark options modern, vivacious cities like Danish capital and fabulous rural regions with beautiful contemporary, inexperienced forests.

Another major attribute is that lovely lineation and beaches square measure seldom quite [*fr1] an hour away. The currency of Denmark is that the Danish krone and there square measure close to seven.5 Krone to the monetary unit.

Denmark is thought because the country with the happiest folks – ever since the origin of the UN’s World Happiness Report in 2012, wherever Denmark has up to now stratified initial (almost) each single time. One issue is sure: If you opt to check in Denmark, the Danes’ natural happiness could wear off on you.


Denmark could be a little however proud nation of five.6 million in geographic region. With its coasts on the Northern and also the Baltic Sea, it borders Germany in the South and – via ocean and bridge – Sweden in the East.

The Happiness Report isn’t the sole ranking wherever Denmark scores high: The country is among the simplest countries for business, enjoys a remarkably high commonplace of living, and most significantly, it typically super academic rankings.

Denmark boasts a complicated academic system with several first establishments. At some thirty education establishments, you’ll be able to realize spill five hundred English-taught study programmes to settle on from.

Like several different countries, Denmark distinguishes between full analysis universities and a lot of practice-oriented university schools (elsewhere typically called “universities of applied sciences” or polytechnics).

A regionally special quite establishment square measure the business academies, which provide practice-oriented associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in business-related fields.

Courses and creating a thought to check in Denmark

Planning on learning a Degree or Master’s programme in a very place wherever everybody feels happy all the time? Well, Denmark should be your primary alternative.

Everyone is aware of that Denmark is that the happiest country within the world; and, no doubt, the sensation of happiness is contagious.

As a academic degree student registered in a very university in Denmark, you’ll expertise some innovative teaching ways, permitting you to amass the talents to become a freelance learner.

If you study abroad in Denmark, you will have a fun and enriching expertise which will conjointly assist you gain a wonderful foundation for your future career.

Pick an Fine Arts Master’s degree from the land of Hamlet, or build in-depth data of Business, Engineering, Environmental Science, Economics with an English-taught graduate degree from the Danes.

Top Reasons why Students would really like to check in Denmark (Study in Denmark from Germany)

University tuition fees in Denmark

Higher education in Denmark is free for all Bachelor’s and Master’s students returning from the EU/EEA space and Swiss Confederation, similarly as for college kids taking part in AN exchange programme.

You can conjointly study for free of charge in Denmark if:

  • You have already got either a permanent or a short lived residence allow
  • One of your oldsters is from a non-EU/EEA country and works in Denmark

For non-EU/EEA voters, tuition prices vary between vi,000 – 16,000 EUR/academic year. Some specialised programmes may cost a lot of, that’s why we tend to suggest that you just check the university page to ascertain what tuition applies to you.

Student Living Prices in Denmark (Study in Denmark from Germany)

Average living prices in Danish cities

Denmark’s no tuition fee policy is incredibly engaging to EU/EEA students, however the top quality of life conjointly suggests that living prices and average costs square measure usually on top of in different places. To be able to cowl these prices, you’ll ought to budget your monthly expenses rigorously.

As a rough estimate, international students want between 800 – one,200 EUR/month to measure in Denmark. These prices will go up or down supported your habits: what quantity you pay on searching and going out, what quantity you travel, and so on. you must conjointly expect to pay a lot of if you opt to check in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

Accommodation prices

Accommodation represents around one third of your monthly living prices in Denmark. you must expect to pay between four hundred – 670 EUR in most cities and around 800 – 900 EUR in Danish capital.

If you begin trying to find housing early, you will be able to realize places for 250 EUR/month in housing outside town.

Main accommodation choices for college kids in Denmark:

  • Students living alone – 450 EUR/month
  • Students living with their partner/a colleague – five hundred EUR/month
  • Student halls of residence (kollegier) – between 250 – three hundred EUR/month

You might realize it terribly troublesome to seek out accommodation right before the semester begins. That’s why you must begin exploring your choices months before you progress to Denmark. this permits you to check totally different locations and costs and not build a rush call. Another good thing about selecting an area earlier is that you just won’t ought to touch upon the strain of not knowing wherever you’ll live.

Job Marketplace for Graduates (Study in Denmark from Germany)

While political developments in recent years have created it slightly tougher, it’s still something however not possible for non-European nationals to remain to measure and add Denmark once their graduation. particularly in Danish capital, there’s a robust presence of internationals across industries.

Whereas not essentially a requirement, solid Danish – or data of another North Germanic language, for that matter – is usually a and once competitive with native candidates, thus certify to attend language courses whereas learning there.

Food (eating) costs (Study in Denmark from Germany)

Average food expenses in Denmark can quantity to two hundred – 270 EUR/month, betting on your disbursal habits. you’ll be able to realize lower grocery costs at discount supermarkets like Bilka, Lidl, Netto, Fakta or Aldi.

On average, feeding go in town prices thirty EUR/person, and a brewage or a beverage at a bar is around five EUR.

Transportation prices

In Denmark, nearly five hundredth of scholars use bikes to urge to their university, whereas half-hour use transport. A monthly transport pass for the bus, railway line or train amounts to forty – fifty EUR/month.

Denmark, and significantly Danish capital, square measure the heaven of bikes, presumptively outnumbering folks. thus you’ll be able to invariably rent a motorbike and revel in sport through town.

Language (Study in Denmark from Germany)

The official language of Denmark is Danish.

Degree programmes square measure most typically offered in Danish or English. If you’re learning in a very non-native language, you’ll ought to offer proof of your language proficiency.

This is sometimes done by taking AN English language take a look at, or providing results of tests. If you are doing not meet the desired commonplace, you will be able to take a language course to assist you improve.

Even if you’re able to study in English, you must still build an attempt to find out the maximum amount Danish as attainable. human activity with locals and different students is that the excellent thanks to apply.

This is a ability which will build your standard of living a lot of pleasurable, similarly as wanting nice on your CV/resume!


Depending on wherever you’re from, you will want a student visa to check in Denmark. EU/EEA students or students from Swiss Confederation don’t want a visa.

However, you’ll ought to apply for a residence allow once you’ve got arrived. to use for a allow, you’ll ought to offer your passport, a passport photograph and a letter of admission from your establishment to your native Statsfervaltningen (state administration).

If you’re from the other country, you’ll ought to acquire a visa to check in Denmark. you’ll conjointly ought to have a residence allow before you arrive within the country.

If you’re a subject of Scandinavian country, Scandinavian nation or European nation, you won’t want any documentation to measure, work and study in Denmark. All you’ll want is your Danish personal number.

If you’re from the EU/EEA or Swiss Confederation you’ll be able to study, work and board Denmark for up to a few months while not documentation. After this, you’ll ought to get a Danish registration certificate. you’ll then be issued with a private number.

If you’re from outside the EU/EEA or Swiss Confederation, you’ll ought to acquire a residence allow if you’ll be learning in Denmark for quite 3 months. If you’re staying for fewer than 3 months you’ll want a tourist visa.

To obtain a residence allow you’ll need:

  • An acceptance letter from your university
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Proof that you just have the money resources to support yourself (usually around €1,000 per month [around US$1,080])
  • The Proof that you just have purchased travel insurance
  • A valid passport
  • Passport photograph

Apply (Study in Denmark from Germany)

Applications to check in Denmark ought to be created through the national admissions web site that is that the official web site of the university you’re applying for.

When you apply to universities conjointly attach the relevant documents needed by the university you’re applying to.

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