Top 7 Guide on How to start up an organic farm in Nigeria

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Our detailed article will teach you everything on how to start up an organic farm in Nigeria. With this, you can boldly start your organic farm whenever you seem to be fully prepared.

How to start up an organic farm

what do you need to start up an organic farm?

  • Research your target market
  • Conversion to an organic farm
  • Organic vs conventional
  • Price your produce
  • Estimate your sales
  • Market your produce
  • Buy an existing business

the above mentioned are the most basic things you need to consider when starting up an organic farm

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Research your target market

Before you think about how to start up an organic farm of your own Make deep proper research pertaining to what you produce and how you have decided to sell your products. The known organic control bodies do release annual market reports, stating the overall market information and how the farm produce where performing. Also, the soil association in this order brings more constant, monthly summing up of the original organic market from the farm sector. And this will also guide to through different directions to the market.

Direct sales to consumers

If you plan or have in mind to be selling your farm produce directly to the consumers locally, for instance through the help of all you produced from your farm or maybe goods in your shop or maybe farmers place of sales.

Firstly you must try to establish and know the level of traffic in the local demand. Organic products are highly costly for this are bought only high social status families, high-level citizens. Also, visit some organic shops within your reach to ascertain the level of demand in your specific area this is to help you get some clues concerning demand. With this, you can pinpoint some loose areas where you can fill up with your market produce.

Also signing up for Google my business can help boost your authority level in your area and give you more sales than your competitors.

Supermarkets/ local malls

Even as independent retail marketers schemes have grown in authority this past few decades, the vast majority of sales that are organic yet were been made up y the supermarket chains. Encouragement has been coming from the soil association encouraging personal farmers that have an interest in selling to the supermarkets to join hands in the producer groups just to ensure that everyone gets a better price for the produce. You can as well gain technical support and market information from the group that is like an added gain.


Vegetable Wholesalers also will thank you enough if you sell your farm produce to them. Wholesalers only handle a little quarter of the farm produce. Though there are some wholesalers that sell a vast number of organic produce. To know to price, you should contact some individual wholesalers to know more about the pricing how much to expect from your farm organic produce during a contract.

Local retailers and catering business

Supplying to local retailers is a plus benefit that is only if you have in mind that you want to supply to them. Firstly getting in touch with the locals is a good way to start to know and understand what is involved and if they are willing to take your farm organic produce at any time. They use the meat for cooking so for example you must contact them to know if they would love your livestock to be butchered before delivering and how they would want it to be.

In case you have in mind to sell a large percentage of products through the locals that have already been selling organic produce. It’s worth it to have a talk with one or more of them to discover some of the immediate selling produce. If you try this out you will then discover what type of farm produce makes waves e.g it might be vegetables that have a lot of demand or you might also find out that vegetable demand has gone down and that the demand for meat has taken all over the local market. And due to this has attracted value to it. This will give you a head start on how to add extra value to your own personal product.

  • Research of current trends and legal tax issues
  • Sector trends for organic farms
  • Legal issues for organic farms
  • VAT rules for organic farms
  • Conversion to an organic farm
  • Using this method of conversion to convert an already farm or already established little farmland to make it a standard organic farm is not an easy path to follow.

Organic farm control bodies

The Organic farm control bodies have issued that every farm must be registered to the appropriate approved bodies which are stated below:

  1. Organic Food Federation
  2. Soil Association Certification Ltd
  3. Biodynamic Association
  4. Irish Organic Association
  5. Organic Trust Ltd
  6. Quality Welsh Food Certification Ltd
  7. Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd
  8. Global Trust Certification Ltd
  9. OF&G (Scotland) Ltd

The stages conversion

In this stage, you will write an application to the endorsing body. The letter must have all the history of your farm cropping, livestock, and conversion plan this is for the whole year of the farm. They will charge a fee for the application.

A site inspector will be given to you to inspect your farm to give feedback to either turn your farm down or approve it.

If eventually you were approved you must have to be keeping records of sales output and input and later submit it as your annual report.

Note: once in a year you will be inspected and also your license will always be renewed annually

Organic farm grants.

It is said that organic farming has a strong backbone in the UK through the support of the stewardship England scheme. Such type of scheme is said to be operating in Wales, Northern Ireland, and also Scotland.

As existing organic farmers, they enjoy the privilege of payments from the schemes as payments of conversion. To get more details concerning the available schemes to visit their website gov.UK there you can get more additional help and support that will address your branch of agriculture.

Organic versus conventional

If you are still yet to convert your farm then you must think deeply, carefully analyze your site to know if it is good to be converted to organic. We learned from the Scottish college that grassland farms and mixed farms are the best for conversion why because they have already infrastructure laid in place. The worst suited farm to conversion still remains the arable farm for they are completely new to the cropping system.

The environment

Environmental issues are yet another problem faced by the consumers the traceability of the food which they consume and also how it traveled so far.Β  In 2013 there was a scandal concerning horsemeat which got the national interest to the problem of traceability as a result, the organic sector benefited from it, as consumers enormously turned to some food items they could easily trust. Organic farms tend to boost livestock growth and also vegetables that were cultivated on healthy soil.

Management issues

To say organic farming is completely not an easy option to choose. There are way too many regulations and rules provided by the governing bodies and this proves that shortcuts are not allowed. The banned use of soil boosters is a way to tell them that the soil can only be boosted using only organic substances no artificial and rotation of crops. Also, the elimination of herbicides tells that to kill weed it must certainly be done naturally.


So far as have seen an organic farmer who followed the due organic process accordingly must certainly produce the same quantity a conventional produced. But the study has equally proved that in some cases an organic farmer both in cropping and livestock tends to produce far greater than a conventional farmer. We advise you that you keep accurate data of your farm records everything from money spent to how the farm overall is doing.


Just like environmental issues Price is also one of the core factors that influence the farmers into another decision which is to turn over into organic farming. We know that at the beginning of the organic farming productions almost all the whole sectors demanded a considerable price. But the economic recessions can create a negative impact on the organic farming sector thereby putting product prices much pressure. Due to this incident, the profits made by the early 2010 organic farmers were low compared to that of the conventional farmers.

Organic versus conventional

If you mainly sell your products to the wholesalers you will not have a complete influence on the price which is been paid for your products thus meaning you have no other choice but to always accept whatever the market offers.

But if you make your product sells mainly to the consumers and the retailers and caterers with this you will have maximum control over your price tag. Though the retailer must add their own price so you should be targeting to offer your products around 60% as a normal retail price. Always use the price of organic retail products in a shop to ascertain how much your own produce will be selling instead of using locally produced items to judge the price.

If your main interest is to sell to the customers directly then you must know that there are some things you have to have in mind before choosing your price.

Organic produce is known as natural products because of this it pulls higher prices especially when sold in shops or local markets.

with this, your whole customers will pay you more because they know the source of the food they consume

Estimate your sells

Whenever you tend to make an estimate of income sales remember to take into consideration the price that you will take from customers from all the goods you sold. Also, note that if you sold your product to a different set of people like wholesalers and consumers you will be receiving a different amount of prices.

Market your farm produce

Sit down to calculate how best to market yo farm produce this will help you to get to the highest available price tag for it. The control bodies also help to give you more information on how you can market your goods. For instance, soil foundation is the largest controlling U.K and they produce facts that are readily available to its farmers. Check out their website.

There are still tons of ways that you can still market your product so make your best selection below as we have listed them all out for you to choose.

  • You can use the wholesale trade
  • Joining cooperative, groups, to help give you more power to make large sales to supermarkets
  • You can sell also through the local retailers
  • Selling to the restaurants and some other establishments like catering
  • You can also sell to the customers directly using your e-commerce site or mail order
  • You can also use deliveries through the box scheme

Buying an existing business

If you find it too tedious to build your own organic from the scratch then you can buy an already established organic farm to start from there.Β  that is another typical way on how to start up an organic farm by Buying an already made organic farm. it is a plus mark for you already have machines staff, farm building machinery customers, sales, etc

But note buying a business can be problematic and expensive with numerous processes all at the same time unless you have a good team including some legal practitioners with more experience that can stand by you.

At this rate, you must be happy jubilating that this time your already arranged strategy of farming will be successful this time notwithstanding the previous results gotten by the former owner.

However, we would still suggest that you make sure that there are no huddles that might stop you from being successful this time around

  • Let’s take at those reasons below:
  • The poor texture of the soil
  • The condition of the farm structure machines and others
  • The overall health status of the livestock and also the stored crops including plants

Why is organic farming better for the environment?

we will state to you clearly and prove points why organic farming is far much better for the environment. It is clear to understand that 21st century is an era of pollution in the environment. However organic farming will cub and put an end to some of these environment pollutions. If only we would think ahead and remember our failing eco system and try in every means possible to save it.Β  Below we would show you some reasons why organic farming is better for the environment.

1) Protects wildlife reserve:

whenever you pay a visit to crude oil refinery zone I mean local refineries you will come to see the environment how devastating it looks. And because of such thing organic like can’t survive around such place due to high level of toxicity.

Birds of the air insects and also wildlife they all depend wholesomely on good clean water and healthy plants for food to survive but in a case where these manmade chemical have made a mess to the resources needed for living it’s a bad news. But with organic practice these natural substances are protected and our environments is saved

2) Decreases risk of indoor pollution:

do you know that air pollution are very intense when they happen indoors than when it is outdoor. And this is due to the use or artificial chemical compositions in our yard. Children at home or pets can come in contact with such substances and would cause illness to them. So you should also take note of indoor pollution.

3) Creates rich organic soil:

we often make use of herbicides, pesticides on our soil we the intension to help our farm. Bu these chemicals tend to stay for a very long time on our soil hereby causing damage to the soil texture. It kills the natural components of the soil. But an organic environmental practice creates rich soil and increases nutrients.

4) Protects our food source:

most of our farm crops a vast majority of them I must say, seriously depend on pollinators in the likes of bees and butterflies to produce. So in that case when we use chemicals on our farm they create harmful environment for the pollinators and might even ending up harming them. all these are the reasons why organic farming is better for our environments


How to start up an organic farm should not be stressful but yet it is stressful and one can make a huge mistake when not careful that is the reason why we have arranged the whole of this article to give you a head start into organic farming.

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