Turkey Travel Insurance: Insurance benefits, Health and ways of securing your trip to Turkey

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If you are the type that really likes travelling and you have not visited Turkey, then you are really mistaken, travelling to Turkey is one of the amazing things you will experience in your life because of fun and joy the country has to offer coupled with adventure visit to most tourist centers within the country therefore you can stand a chance to enjoy more of this by getting a Turkey travel insurance for your trip today. Furthermore in this article you will read the various steps to get an insurance and questions.

Turkey Travel Insurance

Is Travel Insurance needed for Turkey Visa?

Yes, it is necessary for Turkey visa applicants to obtain travel insurance before visiting Turkey, it will help them a lot.

People from many other countries, such as some EU countries are allowed to enter visa-free for up to 30 days, while others are eligible for an e-Visa.

Why do you need Travel Insurance for Turkey?

Travel Insurance for Turkey can protect you from unexpected medical bills and cancellation costs, offering you peace of mind on your travels. Your personal belongings will also be covered.

Coverage of Turkey Travel Insurance

Before you talk about the coverage, here are few questions you should think about to show how important an insurance is.

  • First, is healthcare expensive in Turkey? If you do get sick or in an accident, how much will you have to pay out of your own pocket if you don’t have insurance?
  • How much did your trip cost? Do you have a lot of non-refundable expenses?

A good travel insurance policy has to include the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses: If you get into an accident or become ill while in Turkey, then this section comes in. The travel insurance company covers your hospital treatment or emergency services costs. This can sometimes include dental emergencies, but not always.
  • Trip disruption: If you have to cancel your trip, your travel insurers will reimburse part of your non-refundable costs. If you miss your flight or your flight is delayed, then they cover all or part of the flight ticket price or costs for accommodation until your next flight.
  • Coverage for lost, stolen or damaged luggage: The travel insurers will reimburse for your lost or damaged items, either through an item maximum or overall maximum.
  • Emergency evacuation: This includes the cost of an air insurance if you need to be evacuated from Turkey to your home country.

Additional coverage for things like:

  • Expensive items or gadgets.
  • Adventurous activities: If you want coverage for activities that are considered “high risk”, you have to purchase more of it.
  • Terrorism coverage: You can be covered for any injuries, losses, or if you need evacuation due to a terrorist attack.
  • Personal liability: The insurance company will pay for expenses in case any of your actions result in bodily injury or property damages to another person while you are in Turkey.

Why do you need Travel Insurance for Turkey?

Travel Insurance for Turkey can protect you from the unexpected medical bills and cancellation costs. Your personal belongings will also be covered.

Factors to consider for taking up a Travel Insurance to Turkey

This will depend on few things below…

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions that you declare
  • Your age
  • The cost of medical treatment in Turkey
  • Policies that offer you the option to remove cancellation cover for your trip.
  • The length of time you are planning on being there
  • Any optional extras

Points to for Travelling to Turkey

Please make sure to check through this points and try to cover every one of them.

Area of Travel Travel information
Currency Turkish Lira
Language Turkish and Kurdish
Emergency number The general emergency number is 112.
Safety and security In some parts of Turkey there is political tension and the FCDO provides regular updates on which areas of Turkey should be avoided
Health Health – depending on how fit you are, your doctor may advise you to have Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Tetanus vaccines before you travel.
Visa All British nationals need a visa to enter Turkey. The Turkish government also advises that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date you arrive in the country. The main visa type used for holidays is an e-Visa from the Turkish Government website.
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