University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence Scholarship for African Students Studying in English: University of Ottawa Entrance & Excellence Scholarship

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The particular University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence Scholarship is proud of the diversity of its international college student body. This alternative scholarship is offered to international students that are citizens of African countries, who are admitted in the Fall 2022 term (September start date) or later with an entrance average of 80 percent or higher, that are studying in British, and who sign up for one of the required undergraduate programs in the performance of Engineering, Technology, or Social Savoir. This important financial contribution to their education reduces their tuition fees by $17, 500 to $25, 000 for the excellence scholarships and grants and by $12, 000 to 20 dollars, 000 for the access scholarships, with respect to the program annually.

University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence

Which in turn Countries are Suitable?

African countries

In which will Award be Taken?


Precisely what Type of Grant is niagra?


Precisely how Many Scholarships will be Given? (University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence)

Certainly not specified

What is the Benefit for College or university of Ottawa Access & Excellence Grant?

The access and excellence scholarship will provide incoming students with a 4 year scholarship to cover the partial cost of their college or university tuition.

The length of time will the Program Previous?

4 years

Access Scholarship (University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence)

  • Type: Basic
  • Organization: University of Ottawa
  • Country to examine: Canada
  • School to examine: University of Ottawa
  • Course to study Not specified
  • State of Origin
  • Gender: People
  • Application Deadline: Drive 31, 2022

Typically the Ottawa Excellence Grant (University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence)

All students which are eligible for this scholarship will automatically receive it after enrolment. It will be applied right to their tuition fees.

The Entrance grant cannot be merged with the Brilliance Scholarship for Photography equipment Students Studying in English.

Our grant program is one of the extremely generous in Canada. It rewards not only your pre-university academic successes, but also your achievements every name of full-time analyze at University.

The modern scholarship will give African students researching in English gain access to to numerous preliminary programs in a few faculties for a significantly lower cost of tuition.

Most students who are qualified to receive this grant will automatically acquire it after enrolment. Will probably be applied immediately to their educational costs fees.

The Entry scholarship can not be mixed with the Superiority Scholarship for Africa Students Studying in English.

Our scholarship or grant program is one of the most generous in North America. It rewards not only your pre-university academic achievements, but also your accomplishments every term of full-time study at University.

The new scholarship will give African students learning in English entry to numerous initial programs in 3 faculties for a significantly reduced cost of tuition.

Regarding University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is the biggest bilingual (English-French) university in the world. Located in the middle of Canada’s capital, we have ready entry to the great organizations in our country.

Our own advances in interpersonal sciences, health, architectural, science and the humanities make uOttawa a distinctive spot to learn, grow and stand out.

wo decades into the modern world, having taken stock of our remarkable growth, uOttawa appears to the near future with confidence, ambition and vision, poised to accomplish our metamorphosis into an illustrious internationally-engaged university.

Aim and Benefits of Entry Scholarship or grant

The entry and excellence scholarship or grant will give you incoming students with a 4 year scholarship to cover the partial cost of their college tuition.

Who can make an application for University of Ottawa Entrance & Excellence Scholarship?

Almost all eligible students are considered with this honor and will be notified at the time of their admission. Although no application is required for this scholarship or grant, recipients will be asked to post evidence of nationality of a country of territory in Africa before getting their first payments.

The applicant must: (University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence)

be an international student with a valid study enable;
have citizenship from one of the countries in The african continent;
be newly accepted in one of the following undergrad programs offered in English or with french Immersion

• Engineering: Municipal Engineering; Chemical Architectural
• Social savoir: Sociology; Anthropology; Worldwide Development and The positive effect; Conflict Studies; General public Management
• Savoir: All programs other than the Honours BSc in Biochemistry or BASc in Chemical substance Engineering; Honours BSc in Physics/BASc in Electrical Engineering; and Honours BSc in Ophthalmic Medical Technologies

Be enrolled a lot of the time; and
For the Entrance scholarship: have an admission average of 89. 00% or lower once converted in our grading scale
With regard to the Excellence scholarship or grant: have an entrance average of a the least once converted in our grading

Renewal Criteria

This particular scholarship can be renewed each following study year, for the similar amount offered at time of admission, so long as the recipient:

Sustain full-time registration in the undergraduate put in which the student was confessed and enrolled; and
Have a total grade point average (CGPA) of 5. 0 or more at the ending of each academics year.

Spring-Summer Standards (University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence)

Students enrolled a lot of the time in the Spring-Summer term will acquire their full grant installment, depending on meeting all vitality criteria.

This grant can even be renewed at 50% of it is original value during part-time Spring-Summer words if the scholar registers part-time during the Spring-Summer name to at very least 6 units (i. e., 2 courses).

A 50% or perhaps renewal will rely as the full installation towards the total of 12 possible installments.


This kind of scholarship cannot be with the Excellence Grant for African Pupils studying in English language;
This scholarship can not be with the Differential box Tuition Fee Permission Scholarship for international students studying in French;
This grant is not honored during CO-OP work terms;
Temporary being interrupted of studies, or part-time registration, or as a special student will eliminate the scholarship.

Application Timeline

March 23, 2022

How to Apply (University of Ottawa Entrance Excellence)

For more information, visit University of Ottawa website (

  • First the scholar has to apply here:
  • Then this University would obtain the application and make a Student Range that this possible scholar would use to login to the school’s portal, UOZone, and then send their results and documents for review.
  • After a successful review, they will be offered a conditional admission offer which will add the scholarship depending prove average.
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