USA Travel Insurance: Visitors Health Travel Insurance & how to get Travel Insurance to USA


Do you still want to make that trip to the country of your choice? Do you still want to embark on that USA travel with of course a unique back up of a USA travel insurance ?? There are lots of featured and benefits which a USA insurance has to offer to anyone that seeks to travel into the country or outside the country as well.

USA Travel Insurance
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The United States of America (USA) is one of the most visited countries across the globe. The country (USA) has varied landscapes, cultures, and experiences that attract visitors from different parts of the world.

Also, one can say that the country has historical monuments to iconic global landmarks, with no dearth of diverse destinations.

Do I need travel insurance to go to the USA?

It’s not compulsory to have travel insurance to visit the USA; you can travel without it if you really want.

However, doing so means risking a potentially life-changing medical bill should something go wrong during your trip.

Best Time To Visit The USA (USA Travel Insurance)

Yes this is probably what so many people are thinking about. Best time to visit the United States of America is either March to May (spring) or late September to late October (autumn). So on spring, most parts of the country have mild and pleasant temperatures, thereby making it the ideal time to visit the nation.

How to Purchase Visitor Medical Insurance for The US?

Yes, before you purchase a health insurance plan for visitors to the US, you have to do your research and find one that suits your needs. This means looking through different plans and carefully reading what they have to offer.

Therefore, when deciding which medical insurance plan to buy, you should carefully read the policy, learn how much coverage they offer.

Benefits of a travel insurance USA plan

  • Cover for accident and sickness
  • Assistance for loss or delay pertaining to baggage
  • Hijack cover
  • Travel assistance
  • Cover against personal liability
  • Automatic extension of your travel insurance USA plan for 60 days in the event of hospitalisation abroad.

Coverage packages for US Travel Health Insurance (USA Travel Insurance)

Usually, all health insurance plans for visitors to the US cover the following:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Emergency services, such as the ambulance and ER
  • The cost of lab tests and X-rays
  • Doctor’s visit
  • Hospitalization (the cost of the hospital room)
  • The cost of prescription drugs and medicine
  • Physical therapy

The following medical procedures, however, are not included in all plans:

  • Dental
  • Maternity
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment).

International Airports In The USA

There are several major international airports in the United States of America, some of which are as follows.

  1. John F Kennedy International Airport, New York City (JFK)
  2. Washington Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C. (IAD)
  3. San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco (SFO)
  4. ‘OHare International Airport, Chicago (ORD)
  5. Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah (SLC)

USA Visa And Entry Information (USA Travel Insurance)

  • H-1 B Work Visa: The H1-B visa is granted to foreigners employed in the USA. Visa is usually valid for a 3-year term that can be extended for a further three years. Non-US citizens are permitted to bring their families to the USA.
  • H-2 B Work Visa: Unskilled non-US workers hired to work in the USA are eligible to apply for an H2-B visa.
  • B1/B2 Visa: This is for short duration of time. If you are visiting the USA for a temporary stay to apply for a B1 visa. If, however, the reason behind your temporary visit to the United States, a B2 visa is the right category of visa for you.
  • F1 and M1 Student Visa: Applicants who have been accepted to educational institutions in the United States of America are eligible to apply for a student visa for their academic programme.
  • J-1 and Q-1 Exchange Visitor Visas: A J-1 visa accommodates individuals travelling to the USA for pre-approved exchange programmes. The of visa includes students, business trainees, research scholars, and government-assigned visitors.
  • Immigrant Visas: Individuals who wish to immigrate to the USA on a permanent basis can apply for an immigrant visa to the country. The visa is always sponsored by an employer or a permanent resident of the USA who is a relative of the applicant.

Documents to get ready for your travel to USA

  • A valid passport (valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arriving in USA)
  • A pre-approved visa
  • Prescription for specific medications, if necessary
  • USA travel health insurance
  • The applicable financial documents
  • A letter detailing the reason for your visit to the USA
  • Confirmed travel tickets
  • The proof of the funds you are carrying to the USA

Precautive Measures to take for the USA travel

  • Keep your passport safe at all times.
  • Protect your belongings, especially when you are in crowded places and tourist hotspots.
  • Use official commercial means of transport and avoid seeking private help.
  • Respect the country’s laws and regulations.
  • Avoid travelling to unfamiliar or remote areas, particularly during the night.
  • Do not participate in any unlawful activities.
  • Do not violate public decorum through your words, actions, or a combination of the two.
  • Choose from the best visitor insurance for the USA to financially secure yourself against any unanticipated events.

USA Visa Application Process (USA Travel Insurance)

People are very free to apply for a visa to the USA by following the steps mentioned below…

  1. Determine the type of visa you wish to apply for. For non-immigrant visas, you can refer to the ‘Common Non-Immigrant Visas’ guidelines.
  2. Fill the electronic application form (Form DS-160) to apply for a non-immigrant visa to the USA.
  3. Make the payment of your visa application fee.
  4. Create a profile and retain your receipt number to schedule your visa appointment.
  5. Schedule an appointment with the US Embassy or consulates in India within 48 hours of submitting your DS-160 form online.
  6. Be on time for your appointment and carry the relevant identification documents and credentials.
  7. After the second visa interview, your application shall either be accepted or declined by the immigration authorities.

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